*Glen Martin Tower Question*

Discussion in 'General Technical Questions and Answers' started by W0LC, Nov 28, 2003.

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  1. W0LC

    W0LC Ham Member QRZ Page

    Anyone using the Glen Martin Towers out there? If so, question for you. When mounting your yagis to your mast, on the hazer, did you run a ground wire from the mast to the base of the tower for grounding?

    Reason I ask, is I never received any instructions from Glen Martin, after numerous requests, so had to put the tower up on intuition. Afterwards, was wondering when Hazer goes up and down tower, it rides on nylon glides. Then, how if the antenna that is mounted to the mast "grounded" to the tower?

    Any feedback would be appreciated. Maybe I am thinking about something that isn't a potential issue.
  2. K9KJM

    K9KJM Ham Member QRZ Page

    I always run a short length of old welding
    cable from the tower to the mast so if hit by
    lightning, the entire  charge does not go right
    thru the rotor.........    (Stainless steel hose
    clamps work pretty good to clam to the tower
    and mast)
    Regarding the "Hazer" trolly itself, When it locks
    in to place, there is a steel to steel  "Catch" that
    holds it in place...... While not a very good
    ground connection, It is at least a connection,
    So the Hazer is not isolated on the nylon rollers
    I guess it depends on how high a hill you live on,
    and how many direct lightning hits you usually
    take........    If the tallest hill in the area, and you
    usually take lots of direct hits, I would do something
    better than just the little latch......  
    For good information on lightning protection, See
    the tech notes at the Polyphaser website:
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