Getting Started and Elmer ideas

Discussion in 'Becoming an Amateur Radio Operator/Upgrading Privi' started by AB8RU, Oct 25, 2015.

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  1. AB8RU

    AB8RU Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hello Everyone, I am going to share some ideas that may help towards your first License or upgrade, of course Element 1 (aka Morse Code) (no dead horse beating please) since 2006 has went to the wayside, however there is still CW or Morse Code activity and YES there is still tapes, CD's, and software including FREEWARE on the net if you wanna to presue it.

    Here are my tips, feel free to add any that you used.

    1. Study in short chunks like 10 minutes to 15, for first run, this is introducing your self for Questions and answers.
    2. Ye Olde Famous find a quite place thing (Yeah I live next to a Fire Station (been downtown years ago moving from a Small community to screaming fire engines in a Bigger City))
    3. as to math formulas, there are plenty of math sites if you so desire to, I found one was a real annoying POP-UP ad, I complained to the site owner who could care less, I decided not to use his site anymore, I have discovered some sites where people has had similar problems, and overcoming them is the main part.
    4. There are sites for education tutoring FREE, I used a few for my AAS Degree.
    5. Also free test exam sites are available to track your progress.
    6. Go Slow you are not running like the hare rabbit that's where you will get into trouble and crash.
    7. Any psychological barriers (happens to some of us Humans) you also need to break through, I know some sites can assist in that area, Negative Thinking is a destroyer in your mind, (If I could I would say something that would start a flame war ).
    also make sure you have the Latest Exam Study Guide, being Questions are removed for duplicity reasons, and VE's do submit changes, I recalled years ago when the Exam was done at the FCC Field Offices or certain locations, a discussion over a question that had the wrong answer and a review of agreement was a change or a removal of the Question (1970's) so don't get duped into buying an outdated book, the newest books will state the life cycle of the dates usability.

    Good Luck

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