Getting Started Again; Program & Dongle Suggestions, Please

Discussion in 'OS: Mac OS' started by BOBR, Aug 28, 2018.

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  1. BOBR

    BOBR QRZ Member


    Have an iMac with 8GB RAM.

    Many, many years ago I played wit a Dongle and, I think, a program called SDRSharp.

    Would like to pick it up again, as I enjoyed doing it, and the Dongle was very cheap, I remember.

    a. There seem to be a multitude of available programs now. Incredible number.
    Have no idea which to start with.

    Elderly now, so I'm looking for a program for my Mac that will truly run right out of the box.
    No adding lines of code, additional software, etc.

    Something really "simple" to install and use.

    Suggestions ?

    b. What specific Dongle would you suggest (under perhaps $50 max) ?

    c. Any "easy" way, or Dongle/Software combo, to also be able to look at the HF freq's
    below about perhaps 30 MHz ? If possible/practical, specifics would be most appreciated.

    Let me also ask this, please: anyone using a WinRadio G31 Excalibur on a Mac "natively".
    (no W10 switching to, or virtual W10) ?

    Thanks, appreciate the help,

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