GAP Titan vs Hygain AV-6160

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio Equipment Reviews' started by NI7I, Jan 16, 2010.

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  1. NI7I

    NI7I Guest

    Had just about settled on the GAP but got my QST today and saw the ad for the 43 foot Hygain vertical. That appears to bve just a 43 foot tube with a balun at its base. They are about the same cost. I had planned on putting the GAP on the roof (guyed at the advice of a forum member).. Aboard ships we used a similar 43 foot tubing vertival whip but we had the ocean for a ground. They worked great.. Now I am no longer dead set on the GAP.. The Hygain certainly is easier to put up excepot for a radial field.. the GAP isnt suposed to need one as it has the counterpoise on it..

    Where am I going to spend the 400 bux.. GAP or HYgain..

  2. WB2WIK

    WB2WIK Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    If you have the room for wire radials, which the 43' vertical absolutely requires, I'd go for a Butternut HF-9V, myself.
  3. NI7I

    NI7I Guest

    I had considered the Butternut but decided on the GAP instead. I really dont have that much room where I plan on putting the antenna. Probably 35 feet or so in thre3e directions. Sort of why I picked the GAP. I dont understand how it can work as advertised but what the heck.. Its only money.

    Thanks for the input.

  4. N4WSH

    N4WSH Ham Member QRZ Page

    I have my second GAP Titan DX up and love it. Moving three times pretty much wiped out the first one, but I was so pleased with it I replaced it with a new one.
  5. N5MOA

    N5MOA Subscriber QRZ Page

    Other than an inverted-L for 40m, all my antennas are inverted-v's up about 35 ft.

    I picked up a Titan second hand, the price was right.

    It does work ok. I haven't used it on 80 m yet, I need to change the cap, and I haven't been on 10 m.

    40 m is usually a wash between the Gap and my not high enough wires.

    On 20-12m it depends on where the other station is which works better.

    Mine is mounted about 5 ft off the gound, on top of a fence post. Other then needing to raise it a couple more feet for more headroom while mowing, I'm happy with it.

    You will probably want to coil a coax choke at the bottom of the antenna, and you will want to guy it.
  6. K8QF

    K8QF Ham Member QRZ Page

    Gap Titan DX

    Lee, I am on my second Gap Titan DX. My first one was totally destroyed from a direct hit by a dead 40 ft. Pine Tree. Nothing could have lived through that. i did not hesitate in buying anothe Titan.
    I have worked a lot of DX with this antenna. Works great 40 meters and up. Very weak on 80 metes. I use wires for 80. Good luck. Russ K8QF.
  7. NI7I

    NI7I Guest

    Thanks. Makes me feel better. Just got off the phone with HRO and my titan will be here tuesday or wednesday. the rest of the 2.5 large should be here Monday. Broke down and got an 857d and atas 120 just because I felt like it and my wife insisted that I spend the money.. Hate it when that happens

    All I need now is the two ten foot sections of pipe and a coupler and of course enoough irish whiskey to get me up on the ladder to mount the antenna.

    Now is when I will see all the bad reports on the GAP

    Best Regardss
  8. KC7YRA

    KC7YRA Ham Member Volunteer Moderator QRZ Page

    Hello Lee,

    Yes, it always happens that you find the bad reports AFTER the purchase :D.

    We have had a Gap Titan in the family for 10 years now. Has been a great antenna. Has survived all of those 10 years in Wyoming (which is no small feat). As others have said though, it is not so good on 80 meters. It does work and you will make contacts. But not miracles. 40 seems OK as the wire loop is the antenna. 20 and up is where this antenna seems to shine. I have made TONS of contacts on 20-15-10 meters with mine. Really good antenna there.

    If you can dig around, there is an article on Eham I believe, where WB2WIK discusses some problems he has had with some of the Gap products and some of the fixes. It is very informative.

    Aside form that, all I can say is "Follow the instructions" to the letter. They are vary particular about how they want certain things put together. If it says to run a piece of coax through a hole, then do it. Even though it seems like it will make no difference, IT DOES :eek: And do guy the thing. I know that the instructions say it is not necessary, but it really is.

    Have fun and let us know how it goes. And if you have any question, call Gap. They have fairly good customer service (at least they did 10 years ago anyway).

  9. NI7I

    NI7I Guest

    I got the guy kit. The thing is going on the side of he house and guying it will give me peace of mind.

    Can hardly wait.

  10. N1HX

    N1HX Ham Member QRZ Page


    You will love the 857D Lee. If you have any questions when you get it let me know. I've had mine for several years and know it well. Make sure the ATAS 120 has a very good ground to the vehicle. It depends on that to complete the DC circuit so it has power to tune. Direct mounting (yes cutting a hole in your vehicle body) will work the best but I have had great results with the 120 using the Diamond K400C mounted to the tailgate on my Jeep.

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