Funny Mishaps = Lessons Learned

Discussion in 'Mobile Radio' started by W3MMM, Aug 16, 2013.

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  1. W3MMM

    W3MMM Ham Member QRZ Page

    Got any funny disaster stories?

    Mine: My last outing was my first attempt at rover operations for my state QSO party. Things were going well, about 90 minutes in I began moving to find a drink to buy (lesson 1: bring a cooler).

    I drove around for a few minutes; the rig on the dash, the laptop on the passenger seat. I found my drink and went to find a new spot. I took left turn and...

    The rig slid off the dash, bounced off the passenger seat, hit the door and eventually hit the floor. I reached for it but it was too fast and too heavy. So I parked and took hold of the coax - pulled it up and saw it was cut, no longer connected to the rig. At the rig, the coax connector was still in the radio but the wire was cut right at the end of the PL259.

    Thus ended my day. I had a few basic tools but nothing to re-wire a PL-259, and no spares. I don't really know yet if the rig is all OK but it powers up.

    Lesson: don't leave the "expensive thing" sitting high on the dash, not secured in any way, when I begin to move.
  2. PD0AC

    PD0AC Ham Member QRZ Page

    A not-to-be-named ham radio operator showed up at my house once, his nose covered up in bandage. He looked horrible. Of course I asked what happened, but he refused. “Can’t do. You would tell everyone.”

    Me? I’m as reliable and trustworthy as the average politician, so I answered “No I won’t. Read My Lips. You can trust me.”

    After a few beers, though clearly a bit reluctant, he started to talk. “I was driving on the highway and had a great QSO going on, but also an itch up in my nose. So I started steering with my knees, holding the microphone in my right hand, and picking my nose with my left hand. At that point another car in front of me hit the brakes real hard, and I couldn’t avoid a collision. The air bags went off, with my finger still in my nose.”

    I tried not to laugh. I tried to look serious. I tried to look compassionate. I failed miserably.
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