FTM-400DR 10pin din to RS232 to Bluetooth

Discussion in 'Mobile Radio' started by KJ4YIG, Dec 7, 2014.

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  1. KJ4YIG

    KJ4YIG Ham Member QRZ Page

    Went to RandL Electronics today, purchased a Yeasu FTM-400DR/DE radio. Its APRS is one of the best feature's. The fusion system is in my humble opinion going to work well on the Digital Side for Search and Rescue groups. The cost is sort of high, but not as high as I-Com. Though D-Star will have its uses too and has great functions. So don't want to start that debate yet. :)

    Was told by the Yeasu Rep today that I needed to purchase a 10 pin mini-din to Rs232, was told I have to make it. Now listen to this, you can take this attatch it to a blue tooth and this can send out the data to multiple people at a time, meaning APRS data, one of the reasons I bought this radio. I have built a communications trailer for Emergency response and SAR purposes.

    Imagine with APRS Droid you can have multiple people pulling data off your radio at the same time. Now imagine the data is more or less just the search personal in the area doing the search, now imagine recording that data. Wow!!! Now I have Kenwood 700 x 2 this works great once you hook it up to the computer, but not broadcasting it out to everyone at once. This is the next evolution in APRS EOC, hang on the ride should be fun.

    Question: where do you find the 10 pin mini sub din to RS232? And what exactly is the bluetooth hooking up to.
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