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FTdx-3000 HRO 60 Meter Modification Kit

Discussion in 'General Technical Questions and Answers' started by W4JDY, Jan 6, 2020.

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  1. W4JDY

    W4JDY XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Well tell that to the FCC and ITU.
    This is not the only mode with some restrictions, but just keep the power lower than you can output, and it will work without sucking up everyone else's bandwidth.

    Trying to use rules for commercial signals and those used for amateur radio signals sometimes muddies the waters too.

    But the main thing here is that this band will always change Region 2 and US use of it, so the mod becomes a necessary evil. A magnifying glass is needed along with a steady hand or use of a zero pad vice solder bridge.
  2. KA4DPO

    KA4DPO Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    So why did you do the MARS mod if your rig already had 60 meter capability? Besides, there is no one on Mars to work, and you would need a whopper of an antenna system even if the was.:D

    Sorry, but I always cringe whenever I hear someone who is not a MARS member talk about doing the MARS mod, I immediately think, Golden Screwdriver.
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  3. W4JDY

    W4JDY XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Oh please ... did you even ask or think I was not a part of before cringing so?

    If you read the manual before adding to the discussion, the 60m band as programmed in the radio did not reflect the last region 2, USA FCC frequency changes. If you are still using those in the states then I cringe.

    And sorry to say, yes there is a ton of MARS/AMARS activity; but it requires completion of FEMA and USA training courses, and adding encryption to your computer, and then the operating schedules can be seen and used in their drills, and interoperability with real USA forces during exercises.

    And know, you do not need a whopper of an antenna system as most rarely go beyond 35 -40 feet across to be effective as a minimum.

    My end-fed is 567 feet and multi-band, so I go where I want to with solid reports and little power loss.

    I say cringe not lost soul. For those with a desire to more than yell "CQ Contest" and want a hand at real operations, I recommend you go to the US Army AMARS site.

    For those of you unwilling or physically unable to do your duty as an American, this is a great opportunity to do your part in actual emergency operations and other missions that few in Ham radio will ever experience.

    The only cringing I have is that social media trolls have no respect for others intelligence and shoot before they research the subject at hand if they are truly interested in it. This was a open discussion by honest legal Hams with a real need and one that has been technically promulgated for some years. And MARS is hardly dead aside from the Navy abandoning it, as the USAF and USA retained it and honed it as a reserve tool in their operational portfolios.

    Great group of men and women ...
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  4. KA4DPO

    KA4DPO Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    I simply asked a question to which you responded with far too many words, and the duty honor country stuff, that tells me a lot. And you don't know who I was and what I did before I retired. No matter, I simply made a statement that MARS mods make me think golden screwdriver. Still does because it's useless. I also see where Yaesu issued a firmware update to account for the 60 meter frequency changes, no half fast mods necessary. Happy motoring, hope you get accepted by Army MARS real soon.

    PS, you'll still need that 60 db antenna if you want to work Mars.

    I want you to know though, you seasoned amateurs really inspire me.:rolleyes:
    Last edited: Jun 3, 2021
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  5. W4JDY

    W4JDY XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Well before you cringe, assume the best of people unless the world seems doom and gloom to you always.
    The mod came after the need, and my new radio had to be mod'd as I was AMARS (completed the training, but later due to global events, my DoD work sucked my free time dry. So I will get back with AMARS later next year).

    And no, you do not need the antenna gain cited. Where ever you received that information is bogus. Been doing DoD engineering at a very high level for 48 years now, and for allies as well. And part of that was a military technician, later an aero engineering officer. So not sure how the antenna gain has anything to do with your Geo-location, mode of communications, or frquencies to be used.

    For the newer radios beyond the FTdx-3000, you need the mod. You either have a Ham radio outlet do the mod and pay for the kit and labor, or do it yourself. Yaesu will not issue the mod unless you produce a license and AMARS document.

    But word got around, and the mod is simple to do. And like me who works globally, the band of frequencies used on 60m is not the same (like cell phones, the USA seems to go where no one else goes, so to speak).

    So as long as no one here is giving the mod information away directly, no laws have been broken. I see several people have done so from outside the USA and a few within the USA, but you can never estimate the stupidity of people when it comes to the law and obeying it. So for those with Yaesu radios that are mod'd, stay on the USA assigned frequencies even though you can here other foreign operators around our set.

    Too many words - well, in the real world I have learned to learn something about my authoritative sources before listening to what they say. We have a lot of experts on-line, but like everything else from the news to technical to medical articles and discussions, most are unqualified and self-appointed Subject Matter Experts. When on the air, and actually doing what Hams should do, talk and listen to others, I find that we have operators and we have experimenters. The young kids get it, but old timers like myself due to age and the mental changes that goes with it become critical to super critical. I am still working, so I have to temper my aged urge to doubt what people say even after I learn something of their background. If you see the news on the USA ransomware attacks, it is not so much about the hacker/cracker, but the slew of Government "experts" with advanced degrees and certified alike not listening to practical engineers as my peers in my unique team are composed of with BS-MS and not certified. Point here is before taking any advice here or in real life, find out whom you are talking to just like when you are on the air, unless you are contest happy.

    So fix the rig or get it mod'd, and just string a wire as 60m is easy to access. An amateurs do not use the encryption or split-band for ALE as we do for AMARS/MARS. You can even use a single antenna in a small form factor on this band without the need for the 60 db antenna you claim one needs for AMARS/MARS. The antenna has nothing to do with either group of dedicated men and women, and valued assets in case of national emergencies or time of war. Phone patches are long gone .... read the AMARS site for further information.

    And good luck !
  6. KA4DPO

    KA4DPO Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    In general, unless you are actually a MARS operator, that mod is done by whackers and freebanders. Often times they end up bricking the radio, the golden screwdriver effect. By the way, I read your bio, all I can say is how much it reminds me of all of the contractors, who worked for all of the Army Program Managers, who worked for me. At Design reviews, budget reviews, performance reviews, or any other dozen government rat rodeos, whenever some contractor began to regale me with their expertise, I was immediately put off. It didn't always have a pleasant outcome.
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  7. W4NNF

    W4NNF XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I believe you were given the answer concerning the post some time ago. :D
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  8. AG4RT

    AG4RT Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    Well, you are responding to a post that is a year and a half old. OM. :D
  9. W4NNF

    W4NNF XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    This is such a common experience on the Zed of late that I don't even worry about any more. Zombies gonna do what zombies gonna do. :D

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  10. W4JDY

    W4JDY XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Well you remind me too of those on Government welfare, as whether in uniform as a military engineering officer or later a contractor actually designing, manufacturing and managing warship program of two Joint Service programs at a 10.B USD level, my careers did not tolerate your kind for very long. Typical civil servant attitude that should have been disciplined and in these days, not tolerated. I could have jumped into a civil servant career as come corrupt officers and acquisition officers (big mistake for the military) but unfortunately being a naval officer we played by the rules, and did not resort to a reserve officer commission to legally transit to the civil service. And I worked as an advisor for 3 foreign militaries, so spare me your attitude problem as I know what you did during ETRs and I seriously doubt you ever sat down as I did with a young engineer and a F/A-18 pilot and pointed out code errors on the spot, made a design change at a PDR for our Joint Airborne platforms in a sensor antenna array and feedline (hardlines to be exact), or actually ever drew a single drawing or actually wrote a manufacturing plan with routers and travelers and manufacturing BOM let alone designed an olefin optic for a Army gunsight to replace Chinese glas optics. I know a shelfware jockey when I see them. And if you had contractors like that, then your leadership and that of your Progam Managers was lacking. You should have caught this talent issue during the technical evaluations. But times have changed and thank God you are out of the way. Will Roper proved what we always knew that the tons of shelfware and useless acquisition and business case and Acq. Strategy briefs did not add one ounce of technical insertion or operational survivability or crated the weapons that one the Cold War from those so-called contractors actually doing engineering and real program management. We are cleaning up your mess with AAF presently. And I seriously doubt you could have had a real job in industry with that attitude. I was lucky enough and driven enough to do all three careers as a Mustang Officer (#1 in my year groups and promoted #1 in every cycle for 24 straight year - try that), PM/SE for the Zumwalt (a long story of what we could have had and wound up with along with your kind failing to understand wartime manning), and contractor in all three major industrial states and not in any one discipline or occupational specialty for a lifetime (Naval Officers all know you cannot lead unless you can do the job of everyone else below).

    Enough now that I understand your mentality - just be glad you were not in my command, programs or working with some of the finest civil servants it was my pleasure to have worked alongside in or out of a program office. And when you are handpicked for assignment in the evening hours with a immediate change of orders, and get underway that next day with flight and sea bag on your shoulders with an integrated USMC/USN airwing and later rub elbows with the SECNAV responsible for that shotgun assignment (I got results without ever belittling my men) who was a real A-6 NFO, then tell me about yourself. I will not post my resume here as it is some 5 pages long with the military reduced to two paragraphs, but whether you are a civil servant V&V a program (you do zero actual engineering or management work save reporting as I did, so your not telling me what you did without some understanding having it done myself and as a Consultant), or the contractor actually doing the real work under time and schedule constraints, or the real unsung heroes called Test Engineers who always get a short end of the schedule, they all are exceptional professionals. You must have gotten the bottom of the program barrels or F-Troop of the USA programs.
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