FTdx-3000 HRO 60 Meter Modification Kit

Discussion in 'General Technical Questions and Answers' started by W4JDY, Jan 6, 2020.

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  1. W4JDY

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    As a 48 year career engineer, I read the manual and those frequencies are no more. Unless Yaesu changed their program for the newer radios to reflect the 60m band changes, those pre-programmed frequencies are no longer legal.
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  2. W4JDY

    W4JDY XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I am going to do the mod, and thanks to all in replying so fast and in detail. Gotta love our fellow Hams!
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  3. KD2NOM

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    I recommend not feeding the trolls.

    I recommend a strong magnifying lens and bright light - the pad is pretty small. Best of luck.
  4. W3KIT

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    You mean the 60m pre-programmed frequencies (5M-01 to 5M-10) are missing? If you wish to TX on 60m in VFO mode, MARS mod will let you do that. Otherwise flashing TX LED :D

    At any rate, last year one of the two FT-991A bought new. One of them has all of the 60m pre-programmed the other didn't!!!

    Working with Yaesu Tech over the phone, no joy. Ended up had to send one of the problem FT-991A back to Yaesu for Yaesu to do "something" to it. Yaesu Tech ask me to re-install the firmware but didn't help, sent back to Yaesu it came back all good.

  5. W3KIT

    W3KIT Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I still have the photo of what happened to 60m pre-programmed frequencies.

    As you can see, on a normal working unit right below in the memory channels P-9U and before 01ch. there will be 5M-01 to 5M-10 pre-programmed channels.

    One of my crippled FT-991A did not have those frequencies. By the way my FTDX-3000D pre-programmed 60m frequencies look the same as a good working FT-991A.

    Pre-programmed 60m frequencies were between P-1U and 01ch.

  6. KY5U

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    I agree. Someone will poke fun at no code wonders and the troll must not be fed!
  7. KY5U

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    Check rule 97.309.4.6.1. It's right there.
  8. AG4RT

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    Is this what you are referring to? .4.6.1 doesn’t seem to line up with the rule paragraph structure.

    97.309 RTTY and data emission codes.
    (a) Where authorized by §§ 97.305(c) and 97.307(f) of the part, an amateur station may transmit a RTTY or data emission using the following specified digital codes:

    (1) The 5-unit, start-stop, International Telegraph Alphabet No. 2, code defined in ITU-T Recommendation F.1, Division C (commonly known as “Baudot”).

    (2) The 7-unit code specified in ITU-R Recommendations M.476-5 and M.625-3 (commonly known as “AMTOR”).

    (3) The 7-unit, International Alphabet No. 5, code defined in IT--T Recommendation T.50 (commonly known as “ASCII”).

    (4) An amateur station transmitting a RTTY or dataemission using a digital code specified in this paragraph may use any technique whose technical characteristics have been documented publicly, such as CLOVER, G-TOR, or PacTOR, for the purpose of facilitating communications.

    (b) Where authorized by §§ 97.305(c) and 97.307(f), a station may transmit a RTTY or data emission using an unspecified digital code, except to a station in a country with which the United States does not have an agreement permitting the code to be used. RTTY and data emissions using unspecified digital codes must not be transmitted for the purpose of obscuring the meaning of any communication. When deemed necessary by a Regional Director to assure compliance with the FCC Rules, a station must:

    (1) Cease the transmission using the unspecified digital code;

    (2) Restrict transmissions of any digital code to the extent instructed;

    (3) Maintain a record, convertible to the original information, of all digital communications transmitted.
  9. KY5U

    KY5U Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Your rules must not be up to date.
  10. N0DZQ

    N0DZQ Ham Member QRZ Page

    FT-8 by itself is not illegal but the way it is used on 60m may be. This was gleaned from the ARRL website....

    On 60 meters hams are restricted to only one signal per channel and automatic operation is not permitted. In addition, the FCC continues to require that all digital transmissions be centered on the channel-center frequencies, which the Report and Order defines as being 1.5 kHz above the suppressed carrier frequency of a transceiver operated in the Upper Sideband (USB) mode. This is typically the frequency shown on the frequency display.

    Just food for thought.
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