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  1. W0TRR

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    Success!! I am posting here for others that are still struggling.

    I picked my SignaLink up to check the physical connections and I had thought I might do continuity checks on all the cables - that is when I heard something rattling about inside the unit. Yep, you guessed it, the jumper had come loose. Once re-installed, I was on the air working stations in no time.

    Things I did learn in the process. I can key up the transmit audio via the CAT control but that is not how my setup is designed to work. I use the VOX setting to "key" the TS-2000. In fact, I can disable CAT control all together and provided I tune the frequencies WSJT-X still is able to make contacts with the SignaLink sound card unaware of the underlying radio.

    If you are still having trouble, might I suggest you focus on the SignaLink and eliminate the TS-2000 CAT control from the equation until you have the SignaLink working.
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  2. N3DT

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    Yes, you can PPT the TS2000 with CAT but only with audio to the mic connector, not to the ACC2 audio input. Which sort of defeats the purpose if you want to use the rear connectors. I use the PTT generated by my SL+ to the ACC2. That way I can still leave my mic connected while operating digi and the mic is not hot in digi mode. I can then still use the mic as normal. Actually I use an old version (read free) of HRD and set the WSJT to use HRD to operate the radio. That way the frequencies are automatically loaded as well as a lot of other stuff.
  3. KB6UNC

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    Am not sure what i am doing wrong with cat settings. baud rate is 38400, 8 and 1 and hand shake set to hardware. What do I set dtr to? Ptt method is set to Vox. none and none. When i test cat and error comes back "rig failure." This is all within the setting up within wsjt-x v. 2.0.0
  4. N3DT

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    If you're talking about the settings in WSJT-X, I'm using baud rate 57600, Data bits 8, Stop bits 2, Handshake Hardware, VOX, Mode USB, Split none. Of course your baud rate in the ts2000 will have to be set to 57600 in this case. Like I said I'm using the PTT from the Signalink+ and VOX to key the radio, not CAT. Signal input/output to ACC2. DTR is blank and RTS is greyed out as well as TX audio.
  5. N1AOA

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    Tim, I hate to revive an old thread, but this is perfect for my situation (same as you all). When you say you disable CAT control altogether (I assume you mean in wsjt-x), you selected "NONE" for radio, correct ? (and not your TS-2000). I'll check the VOX box in wsjt-x, but I'm guessing you do not actually turn on the VOX button on the radio, right? I am going to NOT use HRD, Grid tracker etc etc until I get things working (no forward power, just like all of you). I just want to start fresh and simple. I even ordered a rigblaster nomic (not here yet) in case there is some problem with the ACC port. My email is available is this is better than reviving an old thread, thanks for any help! (struggling for weeks) (I should have mentioned I'm using a SignaLink usb)

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