Discussion in 'Working Different Modes' started by HB9DDS, Aug 14, 2018.

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  1. HB9DDS

    HB9DDS XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Hi folks

    I'm using WSJT-X (1.9.1) a Kenwood TS-2000 and SignaLink USB. All is working exept I do not have any TS signal came out. It is switching to TX but NO signal.

    Connection from the SignaLink to the TS-2000 is via Kabel (SLCAB-13K)

    Mode on the TS-2000 is USB (20M).

    BTW, the Transmit Audio Source in the tab RADIO is always set to Front/MIC. But I have the cable hocked up to the back (ACC2)!!!!!!!

    Any ideas?


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  2. KC9YGN

    KC9YGN Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    If you're using ACC2 for control make sure the PTT is connected to pin 13, not pin 9. If you use pin 9 for PTT it mutes mic audio input according to the manual I have.

    Make sure the Signalink is actually putting audio out to the Mic input. If the rig isn't getting a signal on that pin (i.e. actual audio) it will go into TX but won't transmit anything because there's nothing to transmit. Double check the microphone settings on your computer, make sure audio is going to the correct device, at a high enough level, etc.

    Check Signalink's troubleshooting page at: http://www.tigertronics.com/slusbts.htm#Radio Transmits But Power Output Is Too Low
  3. HB9PJT

    HB9PJT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Daniel, the TS-2000 does not support "PTT Method" CAT for the ACC2, "PTT Method" CAT is always related to the front MIC connector.

    73, Peter - HB9PJT
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  4. KM6AGE

    KM6AGE XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I have the exact setup, my Radio settings read as follows: Data Bits = 8, Stop Bits = one, Handshake = Hardware Force Control = Blank, PTT Method = VOX, Mode = none, Split = None. Works like charm on this setup.
    My Transmit Audio also is set to front /Mic, but it is grayed out.
    As KC9YGN says, Tigertronics link is good, they told me the same thing when I called, and they were more than happy to read it to me and get me going.

  5. W0TRR

    W0TRR Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I am having the exact same issue as hb9dds. I have tried those settings as well as the settings km6age suggests with limited luck. I have read the Tigertronics pages 3 times in the last 2 weeks trying to get this to work.

    As for kc9ygn's suggestion - the plot thickens in that I made one very close contact with a guy from my club on 10M via my Mac. For the life of me, I cannot get this Windows 10 computer to play along. I tried switching back to the Mac and I am now having the same issue on the Mac as the PC. Currently: rig control is fine, receive is fine, transmit causes the PTT light to switch on both on SignaLink and the TS-2000 but forward radiated power is next to nothing. I tried turning mic gain up from 52 to 100 and that seemed to get the forward power up some according to my SWR/Watt meter but not enough for anyone to call me back.

    I have tinkered with the audio settings and I think every audio setting in Windows and WSJT-X are at max.
  6. W6QEG

    W6QEG Ham Member QRZ Page

    I am also having the same issue as HB9DDS. My rig is an IC817 with SignalLink and WSJT-X software.
    I worked my first two stations yesterday with the personal help of AG6IF. But today the rig does not transmit. The CAT button tests green
    but the transmit Db bar on uploads does not show any signal. The red transmit light does not come on but ENABLE TX lights up and the software
    works like it should. The IC817 stays in recieve. If I change the mode to CW and test the rig it works fine. Spent several hours today trying different settings to no avail. 73, Mike
  7. W6QEG

    W6QEG Ham Member QRZ Page

    P. S, I have the same radio settings as KM6AGE
  8. K4VDL

    K4VDL Ham Member QRZ Page

    Make sure your power slider on right side of the screen is at 100%
  9. N3DT

    N3DT Ham Member QRZ Page

    I have an old SignaLink+ (RJ45 and 1/8" jacks) and feed it to ACC2. I use the SignaLink+ to generate PTT for the TS2000 to ACC2 also. But what I've discovered is I have to run the audio out from my FT8 program and also the W7 sound at near max, then turn the power on the TS2000 down to about double what you want out and adjust the FT8 or W7 audio to get what output you want, still somewhere near max, maybe 80% or so. I use an LP100A and find that if I run the TS2000 at full power and run the audio down from FT8 or W7 sound, I get horrible overshoot on key up, plus the audio into the SignaLink is not always enough to key the SignaLink+ PTT.

    This worked for me until the ACC2 input on the TS2000 went south and now I need to get it repaired. I've been using my FT757 in the meantime, I use VOX with that one and drive it right from the soundcard with isolation transformers and a pad for the mic input. I find the same overshoot and vox issues with the 757, so I still run the power down on the 757 (mic gain) and about 80% on the audio out. I have to leave the mic disconnected because the 757 mic is hot all the time even if you use the ACC input. The VOX seems to work good.
  10. KM6AGE

    KM6AGE XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Well, it thickens, I have 2 TS-2000's The settings I shared work great on the one at home, they do not work at all on the one at work. Everything is the same, even the manufacturers of the cables. ??? Typing this makes me wonder, the only difference between the two setups is the antenna. I will take an analyzer to them and see what I get, maybe something there?

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