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FT8 + Linear ?

Discussion in 'Working Different Modes' started by KG7FIU, Sep 27, 2017.

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  1. KQ0J

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    Heck yeah, I use my amplifier if needed. No reason not to. There is kind of a cult of JT65 and other digital users that somehow think that using
    anything other than low power is a great offense. They regularly demean other hams for doing this -
    I cant hear signals when your power is so high - well as someone commented on the quality of someone else's
    antenna - maybe your inability to hear stations would be improved with a better receiver or operating
    technique. I was talking to another guy in the 20w club - he belittled the high power guys and cursed them
    for interfering with his contacts - well I asked - do you have narrow filters on your rig and are you using them?
    No . Have you tuned up and down from 14.076 to eliminate strong signals ? No, can you do that? Does
    your rig have a good Notch filter? Duh, I dont know... And the like. Like any other mode you need to know how
    to operate to your advantage not just lock your VFO and other controls down and stare at your PC.
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  2. WF4W

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    ... or better antenna. DX stations in noisy areas (korea, china, etc) have a difficult time hearing stations though the noise. I regularly see Chinese/India stations calling CQ NA over and over and hearing none of the NA repsonses (including mine) - more gain or more power is the only way to cut through the noise. Nothing wrong with more power as long as it's clean.
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  3. W6UV

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    "Every single time" is not true and here's why. Say you're in the U.S. in a very quiet location and can easily hear weak stations in Europe. Let's say you hear a station in London and try to work them. Unlike you, the guy in London is in the middle of a big city with lots of band noise. You hear his signal easily, but he can't hear you due to the noise at his location. Turn on your amp and and you can bring your signal up to the point where he can hear you.

    Assuming a 100 watt transceiver, adding a legal limit amp will boost your signal by 11.8 dB. You'd be hard-pressed to get that much increase with a better antenna. Even a large six element 20M monobander only has a little over 8 dB of gain over a dipole.

    Remember, folks, the JT65/JT9 and FT8 modes are weak signal modes, not QRP modes.
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