FT100D or 706MKIIG

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by KC9CEW, Dec 31, 2002.

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  1. KC9CEW

    KC9CEW Ham Member QRZ Page

    I'm trying to decide on a new mobile with plenty of room,that is when i upgrade my ticket.
    I like both these manufacture's,so my question is does one have a clear advantage over the other?
    Any insight and opinions will be appreciated.

  2. KD4AMG

    KD4AMG Ham Member QRZ Page

    [​IMG] i have owned BOTH the ICOM to6 mk II g and 2 different models of the FT-100 ( the first ft - 100 & the newer ft - 100 d ) owned the ICOM first, used all 3 exclusively in the house ( not mobile )... I was not that fond of the ICOM, but liked the first YEASU, but got in a money crunch and seold it... got the second ft-100 last summer in August... the YEASU has one BAD point: the small buttons AROUND the v f o knob, might hit the wrong one while MOBILE ( or clumsy while in the house )... the ICOM does NOt have so many little bitty buttons to tap accidently... I only got to use mine for 6 meters and 2 meters ( no-code tech ), so I have NO info on HF work or antenna tuners, matchers adaptability,etc... would recommend the ICOM for mobile use, and the ft - 100 for use in the house ( but then there are lots of other ICOM & YEASU models for use in the house )... they both are easy to program,  and have great audio on recieve, and  the yeasu aint that hard to modify ( if you want to go that route ) for out-of-band useage... at this moment it appears the ICOM is cheaper, but who knows with a new year beginning within a day or so , so far as total cost with a new unit. ..........I do like my YEASU but I wonder how well it talks on HF when ( and if I ever do ) get my morse code requirement for hf transmitting.  i do not plan to EVER have more than a single band 2 meter mobile in any vehicle, too many folks wanna swipe your stuff   around here.....(oops)   [​IMG]  [​IMG]  [​IMG]  [​IMG]  k d 4 a m g
  3. KD4AMG

    KD4AMG Ham Member QRZ Page

    [​IMG] yea I forgot a few things..( noo, the main reason I do NOT want a multi - band mobile, is... trying to concentrate on DRIVING ( #1 thing to do ) and listen through the noise for rare dx station in the static, or copy cw while driving )....back to the radios: the ft-100d has the PIGTAIL antenna connectors ( which I aint too fond of ) but there is LIMITED room at back of radios, plus that aint enuf reason NOT to go for the other instead of the ft-100....I do hope you will be using as EXTERNAL speaker with which ever mobile you do choose, since the ft-100 speaker is on TOP of the unit ( another really bad point..hi hi hi )the ft-100 has extra buttons just under the dtmf pads which CAN be programmed via the owner manual to do several things....all in all I would give BOTH radios a good rating, I just have owned 2 yeasu, and they are more recent than the ICOM...kd4amg
  4. W8OB

    W8OB Guest

    I have owned both radios, I favor the yaesu simply because the receiver performance was better than the icom on both hf and vhf. the noise blanker in the yaesu really works and the dsp noise reduction as well as bandwidth controls are very effective. the pig tails on the yaese could be a problem if abused but I was never able to make mine fail. The biggest problem with the earlier yaesu rigs was the high vswr icon on 12,10 and 6 meters which is easily fixed without sending the rig in and without having to drill any holes. Some complained about the ft100 getting hot and the vhf receive failing, I kept mine on 24/7 and never noted the problem, but again a very simple mod takes care of this. One thing I can say about the icom is if you ever wanted to know if
    10 or 6 meters was open just listen for the big signal splashes from up the band, just like having a built in real time audio band scope. The yaesu rig is a bit smaller than the icom so vehicle mounting is somewhat less of a problem, and interfacing the rig with the FC20 tuner is great once the antenna is tuned for each band.
  5. KD4AMG

    KD4AMG Ham Member QRZ Page

    [​IMG] on second thought... better buy a seperate HF rig, a seperate 5 meter all mode rig, a seperate 2 meter all mode rig, then if one tears up, you can still talk on the other bands while the BROKEN one is being repaired...you aint got all your eggs in one basket....wonder if I could sell mt FT - 100 for a hf rig, and an all mode 6 meter ranger 100 watt rig, and just a plain 2 meter FM rig ( no ssb )... guess no one is interested in my stuff...oh well...warranty is still good for about 7 more months any way.... [​IMG] lol kd4amg
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