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FT-991A or FT-450D?

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio Equipment Reviews' started by CHERNOBYL2, Jun 26, 2017.

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  1. VK4TI

    VK4TI Ham Member QRZ Page

    I own an FT991 (not an A) just sold my FT450D and retain an IC7410 and IC746 , the 7410 is a great hf radio with a very good rx , just like the 991 , the ft450 was good but not to the other radios when filters and tuning is deployed . The FT450d is good value and will do for many but it lacks certain refinement .
    The basic FT991( or A) is overall better value when needing hf/6 and above , I added a pan adapter and some refinements and wont be letting the radio go any time soon , apples and oranges I guess as the 991 makes a good base radio yet retains portability if needed
    The 991 vhf/uhf compares very favorably against the IC746 and several other more expensive radios so I think having the all in one box an advantage .
  2. PA1ZP

    PA1ZP Ham Member QRZ Page


    I think that the Ft991A might have a USB port, the Ft450(D) doesn't have this.
    For performance these rigs are not much different at all.

    Even a FT857D can compete with these rigs, real life performance doesn't differ much at all.
    Ft450 and FT991 have a much nicer TX audio in SSB.
    But if you can not hear it on the FT857D you will not hear it on the FT991.

    73 Dunga 2 (Jos)
  3. K6BRN

    K6BRN XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    The FT-991A hands-down. Why?

    1. Built-in USB sound card interface - makes everyting so much simpler to use.
    2. Standard built-in automatic antenna tuner - NOT an option
    3. (BIG ONE) All-mode (SSB, CW, FT8, etc.) TX/RX on VHF and UHF. A dedicated rig to do this is EXPENSIVE.
    4. Same quiet RX sound and excellent digital NR as the FTDX-1200 (and very similar to the FTDX-3000, in actual use)

    I've been using two FT991, have had zero problems with them and really like their features.

    Brian - K5BRN
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  4. KU3X

    KU3X Ham Member QRZ Page

    My first choice would be a Kenwood TS 590SG, but you did not ask that question.
    The FT 450 is much easier to use than the FT 991(A). I personally think the user menu setup on the 991 series radios is terrible. Just to turn the NB on or off you have to go through up to 10 menu screens until you find it. Want to turn VOX on?.....go through 10 menu screens.
    Performance.......the FT 991A is the best choice The 991 also has 144 and 440 mhz.
    The pan adaptor / waterfall on the 991 leave lots to be desired. It works but I was not impressed with it.
    If you don't mind dealing with all of the menus on the 991(A), it would be a better choice. If you want a radio that is pretty easy to use, the FT 450 would be a better choice.
    BUT, don't rule out the TS590SG, it really is a good radio. Even the IC 7300, being in the same price range, is a pretty neat radio.

  5. KD9JTI

    KD9JTI Ham Member QRZ Page

    I looked at both the FT-991A and 450D. No comparison!. I bought the FT-991A. Why? The finals issue with the 991A has been resolved, VHF/UHF & HF; AM, FM, SSB, CW, RTTY DATA, C4FM,, real time spectrum scope and waterfall and loaded with features! Currently, I am working on connecting the 991Ato the computer with just a USB. The 991A HAS its own built in sound card! Check out: Compare it to the 450D? Are you kidding? The 450D has poor reviews. I personally was warned to stay away from it and why!

    There are some that prefer separate UHF/VHF and HF rigs. There are also those that live out in the country on 20+ acres that have the room for very elaborate antenna systems. Then, there are those that live in the city in a duplex or apartment. I live in a city, in a duplex. First, I don't have the room for multiple radios, or a "shack" let alone an antenna farm. The FT-991A has gained the reputation of a "shack in a box." See
  6. KM6CND

    KM6CND Ham Member QRZ Page

    My plan was to buy a 450D. The one thing I really liked was the back lit buttons. I ended up with an FTDX-1200 (no back lit buttons). Later I found a 991 at an estate sale. Yes I have the worst possible radio from the time period and it has not given me any grief.

    The 450D and the 991A are both Goldilocks radios, not too big, not too small, just right. If you must keep you purchase in budget, I'd go with the 450D
  7. KM6CND

    KM6CND Ham Member QRZ Page

    You just reminded me why I didn't buy the 450D... lack of an auto tuner:mad:
  8. KC3RN

    KC3RN Ham Member QRZ Page

    The 450D does have a built in auto tuner. The original 450 (non-D) did not....
  9. KM6CND

    KM6CND Ham Member QRZ Page

    Consider it corrected.

    With that in mind, I like the 450D after all.:)
  10. PC1RZ

    PC1RZ Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    My first HF radio was a 857D, nice starter, but soon a 450D was added, had a lot of fun with it, and my longest distance qso was made with that, from the netherlands to the falkland islands in 2016, with a compromise inverted U shaped dipole antenna on my balcony.
    It has been replaced with a icom 7300 in spring 2018, but i have some times regret that. On paper in all aspect the 7300 should be better, but i doubt that in real world.
    When receiving faint stations the countour filter on the 450 was superb for pulling it out of the Noise. When having to cope with a few stations on almost the same frequency, using filtering, width, rfgain, the 7300 cannot make one station really stand out, the 450 did better in my opinion.
    The 450D is really a little gem.

    Also once compared it to a FT991 and a FT-DX3000 and it had much better reception as the 991 almost as good as the 3000. At current pricing here, the FT-DX1200 is not worth it, better spend 200 more and get a 3000. Or just get that 450D
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