FT 991 Battery Meter

Discussion in 'Mobile Radio Systems' started by M0DDR, Apr 19, 2021.

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  1. M0DDR

    M0DDR Ham Member QRZ Page

    I've had my FT 991 for some years now but only recently started using it in earnest.

    I have noticed that the VDD meter which I am assuming is a battery meter, does not display the state of the battery. The display sits at 13.8 volts even when the battery drops.

    Is there a DC DC converter that holds VDD at 13.8 volts? That makes no sense to me but I cannot think of any other reason why VDD is staying on 13.8V.
  2. PA5COR

    PA5COR Ham Member QRZ Page

    On my FT991A the VDD meter changes according the voltage applied.
    It only measures the voltage going to the PA Fet's.
    Lowering my PSU the meter goes down, and up according setting the output voltage of the PSU.

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