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FT-60 Speaker/Mic Extension Cord--Success

Discussion in 'Microphones, Speakers & Audio Processing' started by N7BKV, Nov 12, 2019.

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  1. WA2NWN

    WA2NWN XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I couldn't tell if this is a private message or a forum, so I attached my receipt with some omitted personal info. The items were purchased from and have a part number from their site as well as a Vertex Standard Part number.

    It may be easier to search for them with the Vertex Numbers. I do not know why this info is kept so hush hush but here it is:
    Charger: Vertex Standard CD-58 Desktop Charger
    Battery: Vertex Standard FNB-V126LI-UNI

    Yaesu FT60R Lithium Ion Battery & CD-48 Charger.jpg
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  2. WA2NWN

    WA2NWN XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Also FYI- I have two FT7900's one for the mobile, one in the house. The one in the house is used in two offices. I ran the factory seperation kit from the power supply to the radio to my shack which is about 10 feet away. I ran a jumper of Cat5e with RJ12s from the radio to an RJ12 A/B switch as well as a extension speaker wire to an 3.5mm A/B switch. From the switches I ran the factory kit to my shack which is about 10 feet away for position A on both switches. The B psoition is about 100 feet away on a different floor and room. I made a RJ12 100 foot extension cable for the faceplate and also ran a 100 foot extension speaker cable. Works totally awesome!!!!
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  3. N7BKV

    N7BKV Ham Member QRZ Page

    Thanks, I ordered up these items today. Had to figure there was a way to operate the FT-60 on Li-ion.

    BTW, today I was mobile operating my FT-60 from a ridge above my QTH. Made contact with other operators through several repeaters over 100 miles away. Longest was 127 miles. That's on 5 watts!
    Comet CA 2X4 SA antenna. In the Jeep just like the pics above.

  4. WA2NWN

    WA2NWN XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Height is might lol
  5. N7BKV

    N7BKV Ham Member QRZ Page

    These items arrived today from They perform as promised. In fact the radio/battery fits into the new charging cradle much better than the stock battery/charging cradle that comes with the FT-60.

    Question: The belt clip clearance appears a bit tight over the battery for some belts. Did you change the belt clip too? If so what source? I did not find anything suitable on

    Brian N
  6. WA2NWN

    WA2NWN XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I agree about the fitment of the charger...the old one sucked. I couldn't locate a better belt clip but so far haven't found that I do not need it swapped out for a different one...I was thinking about maybe spacing out the current clip with some type of spacers or washers with longer screws. Let me know what you come up with?
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  7. N7BKV

    N7BKV Ham Member QRZ Page

    Going to field test for a while and see if a solution is really necessary, or if this is just an imaginary problem. Will report back if it is. I thought of the spacer solution as well, but probably will need longer screws so as not to wreck the threaded hole.
  8. KN6GPC

    KN6GPC Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hey guys! New technician here and very fresh into the hobby (so please excuse the ignorance). This thread addresses a problem I have while using the radio - with the mic - in both my cement mixer as a mobile and at home as a base station. A few extra inches would sure be nice so the FT60 can just stay put.

    I'm looking at the DuKable and StarTech extension cables, but not sure if what I'm assuming is correct. Would any FOUR-POSITION 3.5mm extension work, or is there something specific about extensions for HT mics? I don't want to damage something by making a stupid mistake, but I'd "assume" that a four-pole extension cable would be a standard thing, without any special considerations...

    Appreciate any insight...and pretty sweet setup to the OP. My radio was bouncing around loosely in my cupholder until I got a mount for it - night and day difference!
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  9. N7BKV

    N7BKV Ham Member QRZ Page

    Well, one would think that ANY four pole plug should work. But they don't. Don't know if it is production variances, or the FT-60 peculiarities. I have tried several as indicated in my original post. The StarTech seems to work the best. Just get one and save yourself the grief of others not working. And who knows, maybe StarTech has production variances too and you may find no joy with what you buy from them. And maybe my experience was just dumb and lucky. Or maybe Yaesu has bad production variances.

    So if you get a StarTech cable, report back your success or failure. This should not be an issue in my opinion. But it is.

    What typically the problem is the plug not remaining fully seated and the contacts between plug and sock get mis-aligned. It then gets into a constant PTT mode. A friend unknowingly tied up a repeater for about half an hour and almost fried her radio from this. It got very hot from the constant Tx. Fortunately her battery finally went dead first.
  10. KN6GPC

    KN6GPC Ham Member QRZ Page

    Yea, you would think!!! We probably shouldn't have to worry about things like this, but if life has taught me anything in my short 34 years on this earth, life is full of doing things we shouldn't have to do.

    I've been aware of the loose jack issue with the FT-60, and to combat this condition, I'll run the cable either behind the belt clip, or through the first slot in the lanyard that I attached to the clip screw access holes at the top of it. It does the same thing with a little less stress on the cable as it terminates into the male end of the jack. I'll check my local electronics vendors, but they stock mostly cheaply made Chinese stuff. Gets the job done in a pinch, but you do get what you pay for, especially with electronics.

    One thing about the cables I've looked at listed on this thread was the jack orientation. I'd prefer to have 90 deg angles to keep the cable out of my field of vision while hanging from the sun visor of my mixer. The one thing I don't like about the FT-60 is the jack proximity between the charging and the audio ports. If you have both cables connected at the same time, the rubber dust boot has to be smooshed off to the side and cock-eyed. I'll be running the SDD-13 power adapter while on the road, so I might have to get creative here...
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