FT-1000mp... no output power w/SSB

Discussion in 'General Technical Questions and Answers' started by N4VDI, Mar 2, 2021.

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  1. N4VDI

    N4VDI Ham Member QRZ Page

    For the past few days, I've been attempting to use a Yaesu FT-1000MP with WSJT-X using FT8 and WSPR on 30 and 40 meters without success at transmitting or making a contact.
    • I can receive others just fine, but nobody can hear me (including wsprnet.org and pskreporter.info).
    • If I set mode to AM or FM and toggle MOX, output power shows up as 0-100W (depending upon the position of the "RF PWR" dial... though I hit 100W with the "RF PWR" dial only a quarter-turn clockwise (9 o'clock position)).
    • If I set mode to LSB or USB and toggle MOX, output power is shown as zero, regardless of the "RF PWR" dial's position.
    • When transmitting FT8 and WSPR from within WSJT-X, output power is shown as zero, regardless of the "RF PWR" dial's position.
    • If I enable "Mon" (green LED illuminates), I can hear the allegedly-transmitted audio... but it sounds kind of "scratchy" (for lack of a better word to describe it). If I connect the audio output from the US Interface (now Timewave) Navigator to an amplified speaker instead, it sounds perfectly fine. I've tried it with the Navigator's audio output set to both -0dB and -15dB. It definitely sounds better in 'Mon' at -0dB, but the radio's output power is still shown as zero either way.
    • The Navigator's audio output is connected to the radio's PATCH jack on the rear. The Navigator's audio input is connected to the radio's "AF OUT" jack on the rear. PTT is via CAT.
    • I've tried "non", "rig", and "fake it" for split... same outcome with all three.
    • According to time.is, my computer's clock is spot-on.
    • I have two antenna configurations:
      • For 30 meters, it's a 60" 3/4" diameter type M copper pipe + MFJ-1620 hamstick, with top whip replaced by ~6' Buddipole telescopic whip, extended to approximately 4'4". According to my NanoVNA 2.2, SWR near 10.130MHz is 1.14:1.
      • For 40 meters, it's the same lower copper pipe + W3FF Buddipole coil (no taps selected) + same 6' Buddipole telescopic whip, fully-extended. According to my NanoVNA 2.2, SWR near 7.074MHz is 1.08:1.
      • I have two pairs of radials... one has a pair of 7.5m wires, one has a pair of 10m wires. Both pairs run more or less north and south, and are constrained by a parental dictate (I'm visiting them for two weeks) that they have to remain entirely within the side yard's landscaping bed (I had to dig and bury a conduit for the coax so the landscapers wouldn't mow over it).
    • When transmitting with the meter in "SWR" mode, I've only seen a single bar (the leftmost one, above "1.0"), which AFAIK, indicates that the internal antenna tuner has gotten it to be flawlessly 1.0
    • The automatic antenna tuner is active. I cleared its memory, and explicitly hit 'tune' at 7.000, 7.200, 7.074, 10.100, and 10.140MHz, so SWR should be flawless.
    Any ideas about what might be wrong, or what to check next?
    Last edited: Mar 2, 2021
  2. NE3R

    NE3R Ham Member QRZ Page

    Sounds like the audio isn't routing internally.
    You should use the 5 pin packet connector. Look up configuring your radio for PSK31, since it pre-dates FT8, but you configure the radio / audio interfaces the same.
  3. N4VDI

    N4VDI Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hmmm... I tried setting WSJT-X to use 'Dat/Packet" instead of "USB" (under Settings->Radio), but it got a CAT error when I tried to transmit. I also noticed that pressing the 'packet' button on the front simultaneously lights up the LED on the "LSB" button.

    Is there a third-party app to view (and/or dump to text) the current state of the radio's menu & button settings so I can post them? I can't help thinking there might be some innocent-looking setting with a value that's screwing up the audio routing or output power.
  4. NE3R

    NE3R Ham Member QRZ Page

    I used the FT-2000D with a US Interface Navigator, but that was some time ago, what I remember most is the help I got from FT-1000 owners as the rigs were very similar, the two radios even used the same cable from US Interface. I really don't know much about the patch jack, the 2000 didn't have it. I know the FT-1000MP has the same packet input as the 2000, that is really what you should be using. It is a 5 pin DIN on the back, and the cable bought with the navigator had connections for it.
  5. N4VDI

    N4VDI Ham Member QRZ Page

    Update: I tried the following
    • Navigator off & disconnected from computer's usb port.
    • Turned on radio
    • Connected mic
    • selected USB
    • confirmed RF PWR is fully-clockwise
    • Tuned to an empty 40m freq.
    • pressed mic's ptt & said "ahhhh" for a few seconds
    ... and the output power LED's bargraph elements never lit up.

    Ditto, for LSB.

    Are FT-1000MPs known to suffer from capacitor-plague problems, or can I safely assume Yaesu used only genuine, high-quality Japanese electrolytic capacitors in what was (at the time) its most expensive flagship transceiver?
  6. W7HV

    W7HV Ham Member QRZ Page

    I'm not following all the details but here are some basics.

    Does the radio put out the correct power into a dummy load on CW with key down or on FM with the PTT pressed? (I would use an external power meter but the internal one probably OK.) If so, than it's basically working. On USB or LSB, there's only output present when there's modulation present, like speaking into the microphone. And, when speaking, the output will average maybe 60% of the set PEP if mic level and Comp are properly set. Does this work as expected? If these things are working, then it's likely an issue with your connections to the radio or what your computer is sending to the radio.
  7. N4VDI

    N4VDI Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hmmmm... another question... when the FT1000mp shows (AM/FM) output power as {n} watts (via the upper-left LED), is it measuring it the way an external rf meter conncted inline between the radio and antenna would, or is it just reporting what it's SUPPOSED to be outputting, based upon more indirect measurements further upstream?

    Put another way... if PWR shows 100 watts, can I feel confident that it is, in fact, outputting 100 wats of RF to whatever is connected to the antenna jack on the rear, or are there failure modes where it could SAY 100w, but actually be outputting nothing (or at least, less)?

    Likewise, if it shows no output on the LED, can I take for granted that it is, in fact, outputting nothing to the antenna?
  8. KC1KWX

    KC1KWX Ham Member QRZ Page

    Not sure if I remember correctly it applies to the 1000 but in the menu you have to set the mic for SSB to utilize the front mic jack?
  9. N4VDI

    N4VDI Ham Member QRZ Page

    Good news, the problem is finally solved. It turns out, the rear-panel 'patch' jack I was using is controlled by the "AF Gain" dial on the front panel... which of course, I turned down to zero without realizing it would affect the rear-panel input as well. Once I turned it up slightly & adjusted the mic gain to get ALC down to within the proper range, I had a half-dozen people as far away from Florida as Turkey notice me on WSPR within a matter of minutes on 40m, at 10w, using an overgrown mobile antenna :)

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