FT-100 CAT control software problem

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio Software' started by KJ7WT, Nov 3, 2021.

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  1. KJ7WT

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    I have an old Yaesu FT-100 I picked up at a swap meet. Up until now, it has worked exactly as it should. I bought a Signalink USB interface and I can run fldigi and WSJT-X for the audio portion, but did not have rig control. I bought an FTDI CT-62 cable from Amazon, and so far, I cannot seem to get either software package to do CAT control. My W10 system recognizes the cable, says it is working properly, and both apps list the correct serial port when I go to the configuration screens. However - I get no response when I try to use CAT commands, and I don't know if it's a setup issue, or that the radio is "dead" to this communication method. The FT-100 manual just says that the baud rate is 4800, but nothing about stop bits, data byte length, or any other settings. I have tried 4800 with 2 stop bits, 1 stop bit, no flow control, X0n/Xoff flow control, but so far, nothing happening. if anyone has a working setup similar to mine, would you please post your configurations for WSJT-X and fldigi?
    Thanks, and 73!
  2. KJ7WT

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    Well, it looks as if I may have solved the problem. Just poking through the menus, I came across the "Tuner" function. Setting this to "off" allowed the rig and PC to talk, but I'm not sure why.
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  3. KC4YDY

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    I have two FT-100's and their big brother, the FT-847. I also have one FC-20 and one FC-40 antenna tuners along with two ATAS-100 antennas. Yeah, I'm pretty invested in these two radio models.

    In the menu settings, "tuner" tells the radio to specifically look for a Yaesu-controlled tuner, such as the FC-20 or 40. Both of those devices have a language that only the radio and tuner device can speak. Turning the "tuner" to off resets the port to speak in RS-232. Yes, these are both over-simplifications but you get the picture.

    Happy holidays!

    73 de Paul, KC4YDY

  4. N3QAM

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    If it was like my ft-897D , you couldn't run cat control while the tuner was inline ( cat/ tun/ linear) as mentioned above. My work around was to use the LDG tuner that mounted on the side of the 897 and it had a pass through jack. You could still trigger the tune by pressing the button on the tuner, and it would key the rig by using those 1/8" accy cables. Might be worth looking into if you need to use cat control and a tuner.
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