Free PACTOR-1/2/3 Monitoring Software for Raspberry Pi available

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by DL6MAA, Oct 12, 2019.

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  1. W6EM

    W6EM Ham Member QRZ Page

    Yes, that is a simple question. When a 3rd party non-ham user opens up his or her email account and hammers out (initiates) a message to a Winlink domain, there isn't anything on his or her email page that warns them that the email they are about to send will be essentially broadcast to anyone monitoring over the air or via the Winlink Viewer. Sure if the non-ham Internet emailer is responding to a Winlink domain email in his or her in basket, that might be different. If, and only if there's a disclaimer warning anyone that replies to the message will be unprotected and considered broadcast to anyone listening.

    I find it hilarious that you went to moderators to complain about something quite relevant to the Winlink service. Not just in my opinion, but someone else who is I think employed by law enforcement was also thinking the same way. And, then there's Peter's warning on his PMON page to not take monitored content and use it to one's personal advantage..... Didn't you read that, or did you forget already?

    It's good that you apparently saved someone's life, thanks to your medical knowledge. And, congrats on your son's accomplishment.

    Quite a catch 22 for Winlink. All I can say is that if I were an ARSFI principal with attendant liability, I'd only allow incoming Internet sourced content to be stored and forwarded via amateur radio where I had proof that the sender was aware at the time he or she authored the content, that it would be as good as broadcast for anyone to read. A checkoff box acknowledgement. I'm pretty sure we would not have seen what the group of us saw on the Viewer had such a system been in use. Would someone drop sensitive account numbers, credit card numbers, personal relationship intimate details had they known that? Most likely not......

    How convenient it would have been for Waterman and Sherrod and the gang to have gotten the "official" OK to encrypt content. Then, they wouldn't have to worry about the ECPA now would they? And, you've proven that Winlink isn't seriously obscured by borrowing a C program for Linux, showed us you can decompress a page of hex content from an SCS modem and read it, if conditions are ideal and no lost data. Peter, of course, has taken that even further. Much further.

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  2. DL6MAA

    DL6MAA Ham Member QRZ Page

    The best test simply is catching some traffic from third party connections, not just in parallel to connections initiated by your own station.
    P3 should be copied as well as P2. I will perform some further tests to verify that everything works as expected - in comparison to a
    At least here in Europe, you always have to search for quite a while, until you even find Winlink traffic, so thel "real world" test can
    not be performed so easily.

    Have fun!

    73 de Peter
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  3. W6EM

    W6EM Ham Member QRZ Page

    I understand that a new "privacy" warning has appeared on the login page of the Winlink Viewer. Something about the email originator retains title to the contents of the email, in spite of its release via amateur radio. Good job, Gordon. It's about time......
    At least those monitoring via the Viewer are informed. Still doesn't cover the originator of emails coming in from the Internet. Hey, maybe one of you service provider stewards can intercept and stop email traffic ahead of the server and write back to get their permission before it's placed on the server for transmission to recipients. Would those discussing herpes give permission for their exchange(s) to be made public? Perhaps, but I think not......
  4. KX4Z

    KX4Z Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hi Lee!! Good to hear from you.
    I don't know much at all about what you are talking about....sorry, I'm not a part of the winlink development team, but thank you for the compliment (I guess?) anyway! Go ahead and tell us more!
  5. N8OHU

    N8OHU Ham Member QRZ Page

    There is always the option of the Winlink Development Team forcing responses from the Internet to be held until other connection methods, such as Telnet, are available, since there are non-Amateur connection options in the client software. Plus, there is the periodic notice attached to messages sent to the Internet recipient that inform them of the possibility of viewing, even if it is likely to be ignored.
  6. K0IDT

    K0IDT Ham Member QRZ Page

    This should probably be in the "expectation of privacy thread" to get away from all the noise in this one.

    It is interesting that Winlink thinks that little disclaimer protects anything sent over the amateur airwaves after they made it semi-public on the viewer. It's amateur radio, there is no content protection, but it does present an interesting
    conundrum--are messages posted on the viewer protected under the ECPA, or is ARSFI on the hook for publishing the messages?
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  7. N1ZZZ

    N1ZZZ Ham Member QRZ Page

    I have PMON running at my station in FN21. Let's see what packets I can skim out of the ether.

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  8. KX4Z

    KX4Z Ham Member QRZ Page

    Good luck! Best chance is to figure out what RMS you can hear at various times of the day and find which one is busiest.
  9. KX4O

    KX4O Ham Member QRZ Page

    Certainly not.
    Yes indeed. You've correctly surmised just because you innocently copied a CC number using any means, doesn't mean you aren't committing a serious crime by using it without the owner's permission. Well done. We also need to be careful of PII and other tidbits the non-ham sender thinks is only seen by the intended recipient.
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  10. KX4Z

    KX4Z Ham Member QRZ Page

    Since we’ve already produced the software that should be usable by people to read WINLINK, (that is if they can write a few bits of code for a few other techniques), it’s going to be fascinating now if these people actually start to push to get rid of the viewer!!

    The WINLINK people might actually accommodate them..... Who knows! I’m not in charge.

    Are there any people left on the planet dumb enuf to put their credit card into an email?

    I guess maybe there are.

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