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Discussion in 'Stolen Radios, Scams and Rip-Offs' started by KD7DFV, Sep 12, 2018.

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  1. KD7DFV

    KD7DFV Ham Member QRZ Page

    A Ruby Garcia, KE5MKG out of Texas has sent E-mail out to lists with all kinds of expensive HF gear. His phone number is an 800 number? I woke him up when I call and you could hear his partner and kids in the background, probably meaning he's not working. He's a Technician and his license expired 08FEB17. I called him about the E-mail asking about the items. In the E-mail he stated "This is a list of gears from few Silent keys from our HAM CLUB." When I asked him what club - he hung up on me!

    He sent his E-mail >
    On Mon, Sep 10, 2018 at 2:47 AM, [arizonaham] <> wrote:<
    and updated his QRZ page at "Last Update 2018-09-10 15:52:19"

    Subject: Garcia, Ruby J

    200 S East Ave Apt 17
    Kermit, TX 79745

    Phone: 818 538 5017

    We need to stop these kind of folks from infecting the rest of us!

    Kevin Wesolowski, KD7DFV

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  2. K8MHZ

    K8MHZ Ham Member QRZ Page

    The 818-538-50XX area code prefix is located in Los Angeles, California in county. The 818-538-50XX area code prefix was first added August 20th 2010 and is primary made up of Cell Number phone numbers being serviced by Metropcs Networks
  3. KD7DFV

    KD7DFV Ham Member QRZ Page

    yep! Split off from 213 in Glendale, CA. Area code 818 was brought into effect on January 7, 1984.
  4. W3EX

    W3EX XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I agree that this is very likely a scam. I was emailing with this person about one of the linears. When I asked several important questions I no longer heard from them.
    They were quick to let me know how to send money.
  5. PA2FOX

    PA2FOX Ham Member QRZ Page

    I am afraid I have just been ripped of by this person.

    I did in fact try to buy the Elecraft KX-3 he had for sale.
    Got a couple of pictures with all the gear.
    Negotiated a price.
    Then he wanted to be paid with something called Moneygram, but I insisted on a (International) bank transfer.
    He then supplied me all bank details, and money was transferred.
    Several days of complaints that the money still had not arrived.
    Then total silence.

    What options do I have to take action in the USA, via the bank or police? I myself live in New Zealand.
    These are all the details I have of this guy: lookup:

    Ruby J Garcia
    200 S East Ave Apt 17
    Kermit, TX 79745

    He first supplied me this for the Moneygram:

    Name: Ruby G Alvarado
    Address:200 S East Ave Apt 17
    City: Kermit,
    State: Texas
    Zipcode: 79745
    Country: USA

    Then he supplied me this for the bank account:

    Bank Name:Wells Fargo Bank
    Account Name: Ruby G Alvarado
    Account number is: 570114817 +2
    Routine number is: 121000248.
    Swift code: WFBIUS6S
    Bank address: 1 Montgomery Street, San Francisco, CA, 94104, USA
    Beneficiary Address: 500 De Soto St, Houston, Tx, 77091 USA

    And the money has in fact gone into this bank account, I have confirmed this.

    What options do I have in Texas, USA to get the money back and/or take legal/police action?

    Bart ZL4FOX / PA2FOX
  6. KB9ENS

    KB9ENS XML Subscriber QRZ Page

  7. AC0TX

    AC0TX Subscriber QRZ Page

    Contact Wells Fargo immediately, you probably wont get your money back but you will probably close down his account
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