Francis "Frank" Masure, KA7CGG - SK

Discussion in 'Silent Keys / Friends Remembered' started by W4RAV, Sep 11, 2010.

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  1. K7KTP

    K7KTP Ham Member QRZ Page

    Frank will be missed

    Last night at Sheri's near Van Mall a gathering was held for Frank. About 30 Ham friends attended. Frank would have been pleased. ._. .. ._ _. my friend.
    Dick - K7KTP
  2. N7GFK

    N7GFK Ham Member QRZ Page


    Have not been active in the last week so just heard about this. Wow.
    Although I never had a face to face meeting with Frank, I did talk to him many times. Discussions of antennas, Handi-Hams, and dumb jokes was the norm. Always a perky and encouraging voice I often found on "8 4".
    Will miss my friend.

    Randy N7GFK
  3. KE7KRC

    KE7KRC Ham Member QRZ Page

    Frank Masure/ Stephanie Curtis

    Frank was one of the first hams I ever spoke to. He helped me in many ways,like understanding my radio and how it worked. Frank also introduced me to other ham's on the net. He was a good friend, but he had serious
    emotional problems that he kept hidden to those of us on the radio.
    Truth is, taking a life is horrifying thing and that can't be undone.
    Stephanie was a mother of five and a grandmother to three little one's.
    We all say Frank will be missed , but who speaks for Stephanie and her
    family.. We should get to know our friends ,maybe even help when its
    needed. We all seem to overlook the real people behind the microphone.
    Maybe this could been avoided.. Don't be silent get involved, get to know
    your neighbor on the radio..
  4. KD7KBR

    KD7KBR Ham Member QRZ Page

    WTF? Frank?

    The very first time I grasped the mike of an old mobile rig and said my callsign in to it, the person who confirmed that my rig was working was KA7CGG. That was in 2000. A few years ago we met face to face at Pioneer courthouse square where he showed me how to program my Icom T2H. That's when I found out that he was blind. and now this. This has sort of hit my like a Hammer.
    Frank? our Frank? The guy who ran the Handiham net for many weeks?
    What the Eff could have made our Frank do such a thing? And the service has already taken place. Crap. Was there a burial so I can at least have a grave to visit? Anybody know which cemetery?
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