'Four Days In May' - Dayton, OH (May 17-20, 2012)

Discussion in 'Hamfest and Convention Calendar' started by G4GXL, Mar 31, 2012.

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  1. G4GXL

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    'Four Days In May' or FDIM is the annual convention of the QRP Amateur Radio Club International

    It is held in Dayton, OH and runs concurrently with the Dayton Hamvention.

    We kick off with a day of seminars on Thursday 17th May, this year speakers and subjects include -
    • Craig Johnson, AA0ZZ PIC Microcontrollers
    • Jason Milldrum, NT7S Leveraging Free and Open Source Tools in Homebrewing
    • Ed Breneiser,WA3WSJ Pedestrian Mobile Operation
    • Grayson Evans, KJ7UM Hollow-state Homebrewing
    • James Duffey, KK6MC VHF and UHF Weak Signal for the QRPer

    The seminars are followed by an optional Buildathon which includes a pizza party :p

    Thursday evening ends with Show And Tell (your own projects), Meet The Speakers, Competitions and Vendor Night where traders will be selling everything from components to keys, from books to antennas, from tools to QRP kits . . .

    On Friday we organise shuttle buses from our hotel to the Dayton Hamvention.
    Friday evening includes a Home-construction competition and a new unique event - the Accessibility Challenge. We have challenged our visitors to design a kit that may be built by a visually impaired ham. QRP ARCI already supports blind hams by supplying the QRP Quarterly magazine in an electronic format. Our visually impaired members have expressed a desire to build a kit and we look forward to some novel entries !

    On Saturday we have more shuttle buses to the Hamvention and a Grand Banquet in the evening. The banquet is where we have our raffle (for an Elecarft KX3 this year) and we give out door prizes - we already have 5 transceivers, 2 Begali paddles, a key, a mast, vouchers . . . One year we gave away over $10,000 in door prizes !

    Our group and our convention covers a wide range of interests. Most of us are QRPers, but we all have a variety of interests including QRP, home-construction, backpacking, Software Defined Radio and just having fun.

    Our venue is the Holiday Inn at Fairborn, just a few miles to the south-east of the Hamvention. There are several hotels in the area and lots of restaurants. With the shuttle buses and spouse activities we aim to turn a visit to the Hamvention into an easy and fun four day ham vacation.

    Our website is at http://www.fdim.qrparci.org
    Book online now and you will be entered into a draw to receive a 15m Transceiver Kit !

    If you cannot make it to Dayton, check out our club at http://www.qrparci.org
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