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Flex Radio Questions

Discussion in 'Software Defined Radio (SDR)' started by W5KV, Mar 9, 2020.

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  1. W5KV

    W5KV Ham Member QRZ Page

    Had a few questions for some Flex users...

    Can the Maestro remote panel be connected directly to the Flex 6400 radio vs using the network to access the radio functions?

    What is the latency on LAN vs WAN. I know this is probably dependent on internet & personal hardware. I'm curious if using the Maestro console on LAN is acceptable for contesting. Also is it acceptable on WAN, and if so what kinds of internet speeds are required?

    My radio shack is in an external shed and i'd really like to be able to contest from inside the house occasionally, so my primary desire is to find a radio that shines in the remote department on LAN. My Kenwood TS-590SG specifically states not to use the included program for contesting. I've tried it, and it is a little laggy...all things being the same on the network, why would a Flex be less laggy remote vs my 590SG?
  2. W5IEI

    W5IEI Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    You won't get any flex answers here.
    Best go to the Flex Radio Community, or E-Mail Flex support, they are excellent.
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  3. WQ2H

    WQ2H QRZ Lifetime Member #214 Platinum Subscriber Life Member QRZ Page

    I've only used the 6400M stand alone, and never with a satellite tablet or PC. I've heard good, bad, & ugly - but as you would expect it's all about WAN quality.

    The community forum is the best resource - this has come up at least a jillion times that I know of. :) Good luck !
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  4. N3HEE

    N3HEE Ham Member QRZ Page

    The Flex 6000 series was purposely designed for ease of remote control. It is one of it's strongest points. You could even use an existing PC or laptop in your house running Flex Smart SDR client software to connect to the radio in your shed. The key is having a robust enough wireless or wired LAN. I have used a old Windows 10 laptop to connect to my radio from South Carolina (via Flex Smart Link) and operated many contests that way. It is just like being at the radio. Very little latency. A good high speed internet (WAN) connection on both ends is a must.

    There is a feature called Smart Control that will allow you to use a Maestro or M front panel to control a Smart SDR instance running on Windows. This allows you to use knobs instead of a mouse and keyboard. Not sure about connecting a Maestro directly to the Flex 6000 series radio. Consult the Flex Community for answers.

    Have fun !!

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  5. N4XU

    N4XU Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    You can connect directly, but since the Maestro won't receive a routable ip address when connected directly to the radio, you will essentially have a 6400M at that point (i.e., you won't be able to connect to any remote Flex radios).
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  6. W5KV

    W5KV Ham Member QRZ Page

    Thanks all very much for your responses. Still haven't made up my mind yet. I need to put my fingers on one, alas, I won't be able to for awhile until this COVID-19 thing blows over! Luckily I live near Austin, TX, though I don't think Flex has a showroom at their main office :/


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