FLEX-1500 to Tokyo Hy-Power HL-50B

Discussion in 'Software Defined Radio (SDR)' started by W4ZZK, Jun 29, 2020.

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  1. W4ZZK

    W4ZZK Ham Member QRZ Page

    Good Morning All.

    A question for the real Flex heads.....

    I have a Flex 1500 that I would like to pair with my Tokyo Hy-Power HL-50B Power Amp. I hear/read info about the dire need to protect the 1500's Flexport from voltage spikes and such from outside circuits, to avoid damage to the 1500. Apparently very sensitive. A basic query of the Googles finds that several have done this pairing (1500 with the HL50B or similar amp), but the information becomes real muddy or no further information found on the proper "how to" for the task.

    Would a basic isolation/buffer approach, such as a Ameritron ARB-704 in the keying line do the trick? Would this involve Just wiring a simple RCA cable to the Relay Output of the Flexport (DB9 Male with RCA Male Connector), then an RCA out of the 704 to the Remote Connector on the amp?

    Even have heard of some ops using this pair or similar with a higher-output amp... ie 1500 > HL50 Amp > [your favorite brand 400W+ amplifier] ... Basically using the HL50 as the "exciter" to the larger amp. At first glance, and sketching on paper, I would believe this is totally doable providing isolation is maintained throughout. (Yes, I know they did not get FCC Approval for the amp, and it's "designed" for FT-817. Still, plenty of them on the air. Discussing with the long-time Flex ops would be ideal of course.

    Attached is snippets from the manual on the connection diagram and install for reference.

    I would appreciate any and all constructive thoughts and ideas!

    Any trolls/Keyboard Warriors tempted to comment about using an amp that doesn't have FCC Approval need not freely give away such talent! If you're good at something, never do it for free....... or in this case, just keep it on social media. For the good people, good karma will come your way.

    Hearty Thanks es 73
    de W4ZZK / North AL

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  2. K6GB

    K6GB XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I am using a small 40 watt amp with my 1500 and didn't do anything special other than hook it up with a DB9 and some wire. I suppose you could use a small dc supply and relay to give some isolation if wanted.
  3. K6GB

    K6GB XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Check with the Flex users group, it helped me out a few times.

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