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Fldigi with Mac osx ... just wont key up ...

Discussion in 'Mac Ham Radio on macOS & iOS' started by N5WRX, Dec 7, 2018.

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  1. N5WRX

    N5WRX Ham Member QRZ Page

    Can someone help me with setting up my MacBook Pro to use FLdigi with my Yeasu FT-991A?

    I can get it to recieve and decode psk31 but can not get it to key the radio or transmit.

    I downloaded FL-991.XML file but where do you stick it on a mac?
    I heard about a help group on but cant find them.
    Can someone running Fldigi on their mac and FT-991 lend a hand?

    William Lee N5WRX
  2. AF9US

    AF9US Ham Member QRZ Page

    William Lee - N5WRX:

    The group I believe you are referencing on is the Yaesu FT-991(A) Users Group. The URL is The group covers both FT-991 and FT-991A.

    I use FLRig instead of RigCAT to control my FT-991. Download Flrig from Dave - W1HKJ is the principal developer of the FL suite of programs. You select your rig in FLRig when you first run the application. The FT-991 is in the list of Yaesu radios supported. You also need to tell FLDigi to AUTOSTART FLRig.

    Fldigi has extensive help from the Help menu and online (via the Help menu). It is worth reading when you run into difficulty with fldigi.

    SourceForge is the repository for the fl suite of programs that run on Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems. The URL for SourceForge is

    In addition to the FT-991 group on there is a group called linuxham for fldigi for Mac and Linux users (Windows users of fldigi have a group - winfldigi). The URL for linuxham is

    [Lastly, if you use RigCAT, you need to tell RigCAT where to find the FT-991.xml file using the fldigi menu sequence: Configure > Rig Control > RigCAT tab > rig description file (enter the filename of your rig XML file, next click the OPEN button to tell RigCAT where to find the XML file). Many operators use flrig instead of RigCAT.]

    Wish you success in using fldigi/flrig with your FT-991A.

    Bernie AF9US
    Mac Mini/Mojave/Icom IC-9100
  3. N5WRX

    N5WRX Ham Member QRZ Page

    Bernie ... thanks for your reply.
    I dont know flrig and assume it is another program that does not come with the Fldigi program but needs to be separately downloaded and installed.
    I go the the site and click on the link to FLrig and that opens a page with a lot of programs to download.
    Which one to download?
    The help file seems to need another program to present its date.
    Of course the Mac fights me all the way by not recognizing something it thinks it needs to recognize to open a file.
    Is there somewhere a step by step instruction for people that dont already know how to access or load the required programs, files, and databases that need to be present for Fldigi to to use the options it presents in the configure menu?
    I have followed the instructions found on several sites for setting the radio up for digital use but most all of these are for Windows and I dont know if something need to be different.
    Does the mac need drivers loaded?
    Bought the mac for plug and play feature ... might end up giving up on the mac and using a windows laptop.
  4. AF9US

    AF9US Ham Member QRZ Page


    The file version of flrig to download to your MacBook Pro is flrig-1.3.41_i386.dmg. Notice the _i386.dmg, that is the file suffix for files in the fl suite that can be installed and used on your MacBook Pro.

    The easiest course to follow for help on fldigi is from within the fldigi program. On the Help menu you'll see several choices, click on Online documentation. It will open a browser, showing you the "FLDIGI Users Manual - Version 4.0.17".

    Yes, you need to install an USB driver for the FT-991 in your Mac, Windows or Linux PC. The software program the operating system uses to communicate with the FT-991 is the USB driver. The USB driver for the FT-991 is on the Silicon Labs website:

    Scroll down the page - about halfway, you'll see the driver for Mac OS X, the filename is: Mac_OSX_VCP_Driver. Please note there are drivers for Windows, Mac and Linux on Silicon Labs' webpage, chose the Mac OS X driver to download for use in your MacBook Pro. Important: Install the driver software with the FT-991A disconnected from the MacBook Pro. (Note: The driver on the Yaesu FT-991A webpage [Files tab] is for Windows, do not download it.)

    Most new ham radios have built-in USB CODEC and CAT Port which is used to operate the "Sound Card" digital modes from a PC regardless of operating system - Windows, Mac OS-X, Linux and others.

    There are many ham radios with sound-card capability, many operating systems, and many USB CODEC manufacturers, which is why Plug-N-Play is NOT an option.

    I moved to Mac from Windows about 10 years ago, I don't miss Windows.

    Bernie, AF9US

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