FLDIGI not working on Big Sur

Discussion in 'Mac Ham Radio on macOS & iOS' started by K1VJ, Dec 10, 2020.

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    I am hopeful you might be able to help. I have run issues on macOS Big Sur version 11.5.2 with intel Dual-core Core i5 1.4Ghz running FlDigi version 4.1.20. I have not been able to locate previous version 4.1.18 dmg on FlGigi site. My issues are: 1. RSid will not identify modes (although I can recognize RTTY and CW by ear and when set, program will decode these. So far unable to decode any other modes. 2. Macros cannot be edited by right click, however they run.
  3. K3DCW

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    Email Dave (W1HKJ) and I'm sure he can send you the direct link to the 4.1.18 version, but you should always run the newest.

    1) Did you select the modes for RSID in the config settings? Also, did you turn RSID on in the upper right corner of the main window?

    2) Save your Macros file with a different name and then try to edit.
  4. WZ8X

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    Thanks much, I am grateful for your feedback, but so far not working.
    1. RsID = red (on I presume, toggles with no color, in colors RsID red = wide); RxID = green on main screen (right upper corner) (Does red = not working?). Doesn't decode with either RsID red or no color.
    2. Config Dialog > IDs > RsID > receive modes all checked (except null); same on transmit. Saved these.
    3. Config > Notifications > RsID = yellow (enabled, toggles with no color); Event box = RsID
    4. Teal Macros run with Right or left click. R click puts text for red macros in transmit box. R or L click on macro blanks does not bring up any dialog box. (nice to have but least of my concerns).
    Perhaps I am overlooking something.
  5. WZ8X

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    TxID =green, sorry.
  6. K3DCW

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    Did you go up to File, Macros "Save" and save your Macros with a different file name BEFORE trying to edit? Do that, shutdown and restart Fldigi, and then make sure that your new Macro file loaded (if you're not sure, go to File, Macros, Open and open your newly saved file). Then try editing. Make sure you get familiar with the macro language for functions that it can do.

    Most importantly, you should join the Linuxham group on Groups.io. This is the official mailing list for support of all of the FL* programs for Linux AND macOS. I no longer have an installed Fldigi setup (I'm off the air for the time being) and so the best support can be found at the Linuxham group.

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