Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by Guest, Jan 9, 2001.

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    wa1vko writes...

    "We all live in a world where people can and should disagree with each other. It would be a boring world otherwise. There are several subjects on this site that seem to generate the most venom from respondents.

    Anything having to do with CW will generate a lot of comment as will postings about CB Radio and restructuring. Many respondents at least have the courage to identify themselves in postings. Then there are the "Annonymous Cowards" who are able to say what they want with no fear. Some have valid things to add to the discussion but many seem to use their annonymous status as platform to spew venom and make personal attacks on the posters.

    This is a ham radio web site, by hams and for hams. We are all aware that unidentified transmissions are not allowed on the air. Generally these transmissions are meant to disrupt and interfere with communication. The FCC is now more aggressive in seeking out and putting an end to these interferring signals.

    What do we have on this website, that is generated by "Annonymous Cowards" that is any different. It's easy to toss bombs when you can not be identified in any way. It's easy to insult or belittle someone from hiding. I will be communicating with the Web Master to ask that "Annonymous Coward" postings no longer be allowed. Only postings by registered users should be allowed. If you feel you have something to say.... have the courage to identify yourself.

    I urge those of you who feel the same to also contact the web master. I know I am now leaving myself open for attack by the cowards but so be it. I realize that not all who post as "Annonymous Coward" are "FLAMING" but enough are.

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