First rig?

Discussion in 'Youth Forum' started by KB1LQD, Aug 12, 2009.

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  1. K0RGR

    K0RGR Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    When I got my license back in the days of the dinosaurs, I was lucky that my dad was a ham.

    Back then, though, it was common for hams to have a very low power 'exciter' unit and a very high gain, high power amplifier. When my Novice license arrived, I got on the air using my dad's 5 watt exciter. I managed to make quite a few contacts on mostly 80 meters with that arrangement.

    The next step was an upgrade to a WWII surplus 'spy' transmitter. This little gem put out 15 watts on 80 and 40. I used it for a couple months, and had a lot of fun.

    Next, Dad built a lower-voltage power supply for his linear, so that I could run it at 75 watts or less. This was woefully inefficient, but it gained me a few watts over the 15 watter. I used this until Christmas, when I got a Knight Kit T-60, which put out a magnificent 45 watts or so, on 80, 40, and 15 meters.

    So, even though I was dreadfully spoiled, I too started out on QRP and lived to tell the tale!
  2. WA7NXI

    WA7NXI Ham Member QRZ Page

    Luckily I come from an entire family, literally, of hams, my Dad, brother, my uncle's, grandpa and even my grandma all are licensed hams, and I mean darn near ALL of my family are hams so I got lucky by "inheriting" a lot of their older/not used equipment, especially when I passed my exams to upgrade I usually got cool equipment/radio's/antenna's to use.

    To keep on subject with the thread: My first ham radio was a HTX202, first HF rig was a Kenwood TS-440sat which I highly recommend as a "beginner" HF rig, and even for experienced hams too, just a great all around radio.

    Now I have my dads old Yaesu FT-990 that I use on a daily basis (hooked to a Dentron MLA2500 amplifier that used to be my Grandpa's). I have an obsessive problem with collecting radio's and never selling them! lol. here are a few radio's I currently own that I can think of right now:

    -Yaesu FT-990 AC/DC
    -HTX 404'
    -Yaesu FT290Rii 2 meter qrp
    -Yaesu FT690Rii 6 meter qrp
    -Yaesu FT2500
    -Yaesu FT2800m
    -Icom 706MKIIG
  3. KE7TBB

    KE7TBB Ham Member QRZ Page


    is the icom ic-718 the price has come down on alot of them. has excellent performance 10-160 all mode 100watts 24/7 (200 w/ the mod) been out since 2000. the thing is bullitproof. Oh did I mention that a five year old can run it!!! not complicated at all. save your pennies and get a used one for 200-400$ i share one with dad and im 15
  4. KB3LAZ

    KB3LAZ Ham Member QRZ Page

    There are a lot of hams in my family as well. Grandpa, grandma, one aunt, two uncles, and four cousins.
  5. KE7UFV

    KE7UFV Ham Member QRZ Page

    Just a heads up on the Ic-718, they are real good rigs but incase your looking for psk etc you will need a little extra work for digitial modes than the other Icom's for some reason or another Icom changed this particular model. A simple PTT button 'jurry rig' set up and your good just a heads up.
  6. KE7TBB

    KE7TBB Ham Member QRZ Page


    what jury rig? its just like any other rig
  7. KE7UFV

    KE7UFV Ham Member QRZ Page

    Sorry I meant you'd need a conection, at least the Icom techs I've spoken to and my experience with the rig it doesn't let the computer tell it to transmit, it'll change frequencies etc but not transmit digital, unless the Icom tech I was talking to had no idea what he was talking to.
  8. OH2WW

    OH2WW Ham Member QRZ Page

    Radio Shack DX-160 reciever and rock bound with a Heathkit DX-60 tube transmitter into an old but functional multiband trap dipole donated by an elmer.

    The reciever was bought new with savings from mowing lawns plus a little help from the folks and the transmitter was bought used at a hamfest for $20 IIRC...
  9. W1CJF

    W1CJF Ham Member QRZ Page

    1st radio yeasu ft-8100r

    2nd radio Kenwood ts-520s
    3rd radio 1957 e.f Johnson Viking Valiant AM transmitter

    the johnson is the only real pic since i do not have pictures of my other 2 rigs yet. In march i will have had my license for 1 year... btw i love old radios :)
  10. NI7I

    NI7I Guest

    Been a while since I could qualify as a "youth". The first rig of my miss spent youth was not a ham rig. It was a URC32 painted an ugly shade of gray.

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