First Crystal Radio: Nothing fancy, but it works

Discussion in 'Homebrew and Kit Projects' started by KI5AAI, Oct 19, 2021.

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  1. KI5AAI

    KI5AAI Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    My first attempt. Nothing fancy. Just did it to practice doing coils and hooking things up. I am making a 2 tube audio amplifier so it will be more "retro" and I can give the speakers back to my wife and hook up an old car speaker.

    Next set will be with a basket weave or Rook weave.

    Ignore the timestamp. I never set the date/time on my Go Pro. Video was done today.

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  2. KK4NSF

    KK4NSF Ham Member QRZ Page

    it looks pretty good as a first attempt!

    A crystal set hooked up to amplied speakers makes a nice TRF AM radio, doesn't it? If you tweak the caps / coils, it's quite easy to build a shortwave version, too.

    I was just working on my Vario Coupler set today, getting it ready to show off at a hamfest this weekend
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  3. KI5AAI

    KI5AAI Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I already have some #14 solid wire stripped to make the coils for a shortwave set :) I was going to try to knock it out this weekend. I was going to do another set with a basket weave or rook coil.
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  4. WC6T

    WC6T Ham Member QRZ Page

    Well! I am apparently too blind, too dumb, or too lazy to figure out how to find the option to start a new thread. So I'm tacking on my Crystal Radio thing right here.
    I am also one of the lucky folks that can have something in his hand, quite literally, and not be able to find it. So, on to my story. I was talking to a much younger workmate of mine the other day. He's about 27 I'd say. I'm 60. Somehow, I started talking about Crystal Radios. Well this guy actually thought I was pulling a prank on him. He could not believe there was a real thing as a radio that will work without being plugged in to the wall, loaded with batteries, set up with solar panels, or any other form of standard power supply. Then I really got him thinking I was pulling his chain when I told him it was called a Crystal Radio because originally it required a "Rock" with a wire touching one side and another touching the far side. O.K. at this point I was trying to rattle his brain. I very shortly told him the "Rock" was in my case a Piece of Galena Crystal from the Empire Mine here in Grass Valley California.

    Well a few days went by and I would give him a jab here and there until one morning he came in and said, "I found out why no one uses Crystal Radios anymore." He had previously asked why they weren't being used any more. So I said, "O.K., I'll bite. Why aren't Crystal Radios popular any more.?" "Well", he said, " The Crystal attracts microwaves from the big antenna that are very dangerous." So of course I thought now he's getting me back and pulling very hard on MY leg. After some incredulous comments from myself and quite a bit of back and forth, I came to the conclusion that he was not joking. ( As I'm writing this I'm beginning to wonder even more about that. )

    So he really seemed very serious about this, and just today I spent about an hour checking with Google and then Duck Duck Go as Google can't be trusted to give unbiased answers on many things unfortunately. I have not found even one hint about Crystal Radios being dangerous. Please understand that in NO WAY WHATSOEVER did I once even begin to believe this fish story. But, I really do want to know where this came from. After my internet search today I'm thinking the guy was just pulling my leg. Maybe because he seemed to really believe that I was pulling his leg about the Crystal Radio in the first place.

    So that's a very long intro to my dumb question for anyone that may stumble across this. Here goes.............Has ANYONE.......heard of there being a rumor about Crystal Radios being dangerous in any way at all? I had first actually thought, what with the apparent purposeful dumbing down of our school children, that the evil powers who are trying to convince us that there are not two genders but seventy-two are also trying to keep kids from learning very mellow, rated G, wonderful Science concepts that may just spur them on to being interested in STEM. Or, to realize that there are ways to hear news and information that does not require an internet connection and a smart phone or laptop. And mostly importantly, an infrastructure run by Mega Corporations that are perfectly happy telling us what facts we should or should not be allowed to hear.

    Wow! You didn't expect that with a post about Crystal Radios did you? Seriously. I just want to know if there are actually posts on the World Wide Inter Bloggasphere (or anywhere else ) that claim Crystal Radios are Dangerous to our health.

    If one were to bring up the hazards of lightning strikes, well, I've got to agree with any safety information folks would like to give. Of course. But lightning danger was not brought up.;) I tried to find an emoji with a tongue in cheek appearance but alas one was not to be found here.

    My way of saying while I do want to know where this bogus info came from, ( I absolutely love Crystal Radios and can't stand the idea of them having horrible negative information being disseminated about them. ) please, don't get all frazzled about a couple of political references. I'm just trying to be funny really. Don't take me seriously. If I don't you surely shouldn't.:rolleyes:

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