Finding Obsolete Parts

Discussion in '"Boat Anchor" & Classic Equipment' started by W4KJG, Nov 20, 2021.

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  1. W4KJG

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    BRD -- I don't know how I missed that. I looked for a substitute and I didn't see any. Plus, Jameco has been one of my favorite vendors for many years. Way back when there were a lot of ham stores, lots of those stores had Jameco pegboards with lots of parts. I really miss that.

    W9GB and KE4OH -- Thanks for those links. I was not aware of either of them.

    K1LKP -- I have a at least a 60 year history of attending hamfests. I think it was in the late 1970s-early 1980s when I attended several with my pickup truck full of my collections. The loads probably exceeded the axel capacities. I gave a lot of it away for nearly nothing. For the most part I never regretted it. The only time I was a little disturbed was when I sold a large lot of NOS transmitting tubes like 4-xxx and 4-xxxx glass tubes and many ceramic 4CX-series. Most were Eimac. But, I really didn't want to haggle. He gave me some $ figure which I accepted. A few months later I saw their ads in 73 Magazine and Ham Radio Magazine where they were asking about 10x per tube for what I sold the entire lot. Oh well.

    Having found forgotten or non-known suppliers you all have provided, may be costly for me.:eek:

    I'm seeing things that I know are in my old equipment that I no longer have in my junk boxes (actually fairly organized in envelopes and in parts drawers).

    Thanks again for all your suggestions.

  2. KA9P

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    I almost hate to admit it, but I leave several searches running on EBay for stuff I need or think I'll need. Just last month, four very specific Millen coils and an odd audio interstage transformer I thought I'd never see popped up. Ebay will find some junk on those searches, and some stuff is pricey, but there's no down side.
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  3. K5UJ

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    Yes and no. Take a look at what they want for larger air variable caps. Your eyes will bug out if you're used to hamfest prices.
  4. KF5FEI

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    I've attached my list of suplus parts vendors -- it may be a bit out of date, but maybe helpful:

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  5. N8YX

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    Surplus Sales of Nebraska, Midwest Surplus, Golden Opportunities (eBay seller) and Electronic Surplus (Ohio) are a few others I've frequently used.
  6. KB0MNM

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    Electronic Parts Outlet (EPO) C/O Zamacha on Fondren in Houston, Texas ref. for link?
    ACME Electronics (AEI Inc.) in Golden Valley suburb of Minneapolis, Mn. ( Open?)
    ABC Surplus in Minneapolis downtown area near Washington Ave. ( Open? )
    Axman Surplus- multiple locations including St.Paul, Minnesota (Open?)
    Stark Electronics Inc. (SEI) in Downtown Minneapolis on Royalston / Royalton Avenue ( Open? ) Wholesaler- card O.K.
    Scratch any reference to Fry's Electronics ( 2 or more Houston Locations- closed )
    Radio Shack- Independent Stores and Fort Worth still open ( Franchise closed ) Brenham and Kerrville Texas & more
    ( For this thread- be aware that I have found LM723 linear IC regulators at both ACME and Radio Shack in the past )
  7. KW4H

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    Suggest the moderators eventually pin this thread to near the top. This discussion is a great resource.
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  8. KC3TEC

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    I was lucky enough to score 5 old am radio variable caps for 20 bucks but a couple were quite dirty (problem solved by using a sand blaster and ultra fine media once cleaned I lubed the rotor shaft.)
    The rest were cleaned with solvent and soft bristle paintbrush.
    They work great.

    The sad part is there are many people out there who purposely scrap out old equipment to make a quick buck gouging us for hard to find parts!

    The same can be said with antique padlocks.
    As a locksmith I have a very good knowledge of antique padlocks and their worth.
    It's a shame though some sellers post little to no accurate information and charge over a hundred dollars for a lock worth about 5 dollars.
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  9. KW4H

    KW4H Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    It's a domino effect. Someone guts an old radio and puts up a five dollar part for fifty bucks. And then some random desperate person pays that price. That becomes a matter of searchable record, and then everyone is scrapping radios expecting wads of unreasonable cash. It ends when the sellers run out of buyers at those prices. Personally, I'm OK with the "what the market will bear" approach to this -- but what I don't like is the destruction and dismemberment of restorable, worthwhile, valuable, and sometimes rare radios simply because the sum of the parts is worth more to someone than the whole. It's like running across a '64 Ford GT40 and gutting it.

    I'm sure that the crowd that restores antique cars runs into the same problem. This isn't unique to radios.
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  10. KC3TEC

    KC3TEC Ham Member QRZ Page

    Data sheets often have schematic of the components and the various values of the individual components used in the construction of the ic
    Theoretically you can build the ic but it's not practical or economical to do so
    So impossible No!
    Implausible Yes!
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