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Field Day 2017 - K9IU / K9SOU - (Bloomington, Indiana)

Discussion in 'Youth Forum' started by K7JOE, Jun 26, 2017.

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  1. K7JOE

    K7JOE Ham Member QRZ Page

    This year, to do something different, the Indiana University Amateur Radio Club (K9IU) and the Bloomington Indiana High School South Amateur radio Club (K9SOU) partnered to put on a contest oriented field day effort comprised of many younger ham students (and young at heart older hams).

    One of the common criticisms that I often hear are that university and school clubs are dying out. Well...that may be true if faculty don't get radio active and bring in new students. What I'm learning is that activity breeds activity. While many school clubs struggle (we all do at times), this weekend was a reminder that there are many opportunities to get younger hams on the air and introduced to different facets of the hobby. There are many excellent younger ops on the air, very technically oriented, and anyone who is remotely a contester should invite younger hams along to participate in these activities.

    We set out to put on a contest effort since the local clubs tend to be more picnic/outing than competitive contesting effort. ... so... we spiced it up this year - we were set up on the roof-top of the local high school, proving an elevation of approx 70 feet above average terrain at the antenna apex.

    The result was fantastic. Aside working over 1200 Q's, and racking up many bonus points categories, we practiced constructing and erecting a couple different wire antennas, utilized "what we had" to cobble together an antenna support, got familiar with safe use of generator and solar/battery power, GOT ON THE AIR and worked several modes including CW, SSB, and digital modes, tested several prototype mobile/portable station configs (few student hams have the ability to install permanent antennas in their dorm/apartments, so mobile setups are more common, refined our on air operating skills, and had fun and fellowship within the hobby. Congrats to technician class operator KD9HQT, Carl, for making his first ever HF contacts. All told, we had 12 operators manning the effort under the K9IU call sign.

    We worked all bands, 80-10 meter as well as 6M and 2M simplex. We had very nice propagation on 20M through the entire contest, 15M and 10M both turned into money bands on Sunday with very nice Es openings on 10M and a few signals heard on 6M too. There is, of course, no meters like 40 meters and that's nice. 80M was noisy in our location but did not seem to matter.

    I want to thank the old guy Ops who helped mentor and make this a success; It's their dedication to bringing in younger hams, and making it all a learning experience that is going to keep the hobby alive:

    Neil WB9VPG
    Matt N9VKU
    Joe K7JOE
    Rex KD9GTU

    Younger guy ops:

    Gavin KC9YSG
    Ryan KD9DAB
    Carl KD9HQT
    Luke NQ9L
    Joseph KC9BWW
    Trevor C. (not licensed yet)
    Tommy D.
    several guests...

    Both clubs are now considering how we can optimize our respective ham shacks, improve our equipment, and continue to drive activity on the bands. We look forward to partnering again in other contesting / field activities including QSO party, Field Day, and who knows what else.

    Here are some photos



    image3.JPG image5.JPG image4.JPG image9.JPG

    Joe K7JOE
    Last edited: Jun 26, 2017
  2. KD9HQT

    KD9HQT XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    We had a great time together for the 24 hour period within 2 day hanging out with the gang getting on the air!

    It's not my first time on being on HF except for K9IU 10m net, I did contact KC4TVZ on 10m not long time ago. It was pretty intense being on the HF bands especially field day where speed and accuracy is necessary and getting the contacts QSL. I'm still working on my general so once I get on the HF bands, I will be more professional for contacts and responses.

    I'm glad that Neil invited me for field day and we're kicking butt at getting all of those over 1,230ish QSL contacts and a great experience.
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