FCC proposes new filing fee structure, new fees for ham radio

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by KU3N, Aug 27, 2020.

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    Yes, Great Point... I saw that in Sec 9 (e) Exceptions. I think it's better to read more and get a better understanding of Ray Baum's Act.
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    Who did you email?

    Should have been your division director...
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    The right is in the laws of physics, the natural laws that pervade all of our existence, the right that is explicitly inherent in the Communications Act that says the airwaves are the domain of Congress and the people and not corporations. The infinite rights granted in the universe that electromagnetic radiation defines. The same right as you have to share the roadways with others. The right to communicate with others freely.
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    They made it known since the week the NPRM came out that their intent was to file comments in opposition. On August 28:

    The Ray Baum’s Act does not exempt filing fees in the Amateur Radio Service. The FCC dropped assessment of fees for vanity call signs several years ago.

    ARRL is reviewing the matter and intends to file comments in opposition
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    Wouldn't ya think that the millions the FCC gets selling off the spectrum would cover the cost of running the ULS? Maybe they don't need the money, they need a money manager. Just saying...
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    "The FCC collects regulatory fees and processing fees. Congress authorizes our authority to impose and collect such fees. Application processing fees are deposited in the U.S. Treasury and are not available to the FCC."
    More here.
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    The disaster relief was help SATERN at a Main ST. Location give food and water and ice and personnel supplies to victims. Also assisted in S/R in bldgs for survivors in Joplin 2011. Also worked 2012 Tornado that went down the strip in Branson and out by Kimberling city and down Joe Bald road. Check my page for Pictures from both incidents. That is just a couple. But should get the general idea. Hope this answers your inquiry. 73
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    I thought the last line rang true so I went and looked for myself. Sure as $#!&
    FCC filing.PNG

    So, now what? Send in my screen shot to the FCC filing site? What would Arlo say....

    Just think, if two people a day, two people, sent this in, they would think they we're nuts and ignore them.
    If three people a day, just three people, sent this in; they would suspect a conspiracy.
    And if ten people a day, ten people, sent this in, they might suspect we can read. :eek:
    So if you want to end tyranny and stuff, you have to read. Even when you don't want to. :cool:

    Reading is important people.
    I just had that lesson rammed home yet again, and wonder if this thread would even be necessary if we as people would just read a little.

    Clearly someone at FCC isn't. I thought these were lawyers and not engineers. Are they that inept at their job or just hoping we would roll over?
    Not sure which is worse..... :mad:

    So, what's it going to be? Now what? What do the usual suspects have to say now?
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    What a relief! The sky isn't falling after all!!
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