FCC Proposes Eliminating Paper License Renewals by Surface Mail

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by K5UJ, Sep 10, 2019.

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  1. AA4MB

    AA4MB XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I sincerely apologize for repeating a phrase which seems to offend so many, so greatly. I work in law enforcement and we make jokes among our selves which are much crasser, in order to stay sane while simultaneously dealing with the horrors to which we're exposed on an almost daily basis. I am well-aquainted with 'dialing it down' when dropping the magazine and unchambering my weapon after I get out of the car. I suppose I took a liberty I shouldn't have, but I never intended to disrespect my fellow bretheren in the hobby and stand corrected as to my ill spoken attempt at humor.
  2. KJ4AUQ

    KJ4AUQ Ham Member QRZ Page

    When are we all going to figure out that the FCC has already, due to budget, made up its mind that paper is dead. What you think does not matter. Don’t waste any heart beats getting up set because we really don’t matter. I renewed my license on line and downloaded the pdf. Cost nothing. I am 68 and if I can do it anyone can. Just remember, as far as the FCC is concerned, you are no bigger than a pimple on a blue whale’s ass.
  3. KG5KPU

    KG5KPU XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Exactly. For a yearly fee of $50, they'll renew for free. :)
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  4. K5CO

    K5CO Ham Member QRZ Page

    CERTAINLY electronic filing for renewals should be accomplished ASAP as it just makes sense. New licenses, resulting from testing, might be a caution; especially in places such as L.A. where licenses are sold to non qualified persons.
  5. KD2KIQ

    KD2KIQ Ham Member QRZ Page

    “In an effort to save the planet, ULS will be shutting down entirely in 2024 to save electricity.” (Just a joke )
  6. N2UNJ

    N2UNJ Ham Member QRZ Page

  7. KI7IIM

    KI7IIM XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    So, let me get this straight...Someone said the OF's that use modes like JT65, FT8, WSPR, etc let alone DMR, D-Star and CM4 with all the software, pi stars, routers, etc. are going to encounter issues figuring out how to print a PDF file? o_Oo_Oo_O
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  8. W6ZZW

    W6ZZW Ham Member QRZ Page

    So, so true. This is about nothing. Just print the dam thing at home. Get over it
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  9. K8ERV

    K8ERV Ham Member QRZ Page

    I do that for driver's licenses and $100 bills. Works for me.

    TOM K8ERV Montrose Colo
  10. ND6M

    ND6M Ham Member QRZ Page

    Lower Alabama?

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