FCC Noncommital on Code Changes

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by AA7BQ, Feb 18, 2006.

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  1. KE5AST

    KE5AST Ham Member QRZ Page

    I couldn't have said it better myself...most of the ones that complain about the fcc dropping it, never use it anyway.
  2. KC0PDF

    KC0PDF Ham Member QRZ Page

    I say we lower the requirements for physicians. God knows we have a shortage of them.

    YES they are called EMT's and Volunteer First Responders!
    I bet that they are the first to treat you if you are having a heart attack or stroke or bleading badly after a car crash.and thank God they are there!

    Get Real here.
    ARS is a hobby!
    Do  physicians do it as a hobby!

    I did an edit for the spelling police.
    But I do have other hobbie's OK?
  3. N6BOA

    N6BOA Ham Member QRZ Page

    That physician analogy was completely brainless. k3ng is right, as is kc0pdf - I can tell you, I know more EMTs that have saved lives where, without their help, the patient would have died. Radio is not even remotely related to that analogy. Sheesh.

    Being able to copy CW at 5, 13, or 20 wpm does not make anyone a good op. Nor does not knowing code make someone a bad op. Of course, the issue is now, and always has been, the fact that some folks have had to run a more rigorous gauntlet than others. Though only required to work 5 wpm, I am up to 13 now. I am very slow and I really don't care. I am raising the bar for myself, not to prove to anyone else I can do it. What I am really concentrating on is learning more radio theory and electronics. I could care less if I never gain speed with CW. But I do care that I understand about propagation, antennas, amplifiers, SWRs, etc. So have your code-no code debate. It is really pointless.
  4. KA9INV

    KA9INV Ham Member QRZ Page

    1) A lot of people are referring to a "hobbie".... would someone tell me what a "hobbie" is? Is it anything like a "hobby"?

    2) I am both amazed and appalled at the number of times people are willing to rehash the same old arguments over and over again. Instead of complaining about this old topic, get into the shack and get on the air. Imagine how many more people could be in your log if you left these stupid code threads on this website alone!

    3) This site sets a horrible example for newcomers to amateur radio when all they see is ops bashing each other over code and other issues... just knock it off. You want to attract new people to the hobby? First and foremost, stop scaring them off with all these stupid threads that make it look like we're all a bunch of stuck-up know-it-all snobs. There are few people like this on the air in reality, and when you run across them most ops have a nice device called a VFO to get themselves away from it. It must be real motivating for a potential new licensee to go for it when they see nothing but hostility on what's probably the biggest ham radio site on the net.

    4) Gaaaaaah, I'm going to go get on the air... I'm sure I'lll get flamed for posting anyway. And I just might use code. Or SSB.
  5. AK4GS

    AK4GS Ham Member QRZ Page

    With the FCC taking the time to mandate a no code testing requirement, could it be that they want the ham community to get this off their chest, matter of speaking, before they actually put this into effect?  To make it an easier transistion?

    The reason I'm asking this is because I've read in other posts and threads that some of the hams say that first they were against it, then later in the thread or other posts, they state that they were either wrong or thought it to be a great thing getting more OP's to work on the bands.
  6. K3NG

    K3NG Ham Member QRZ Page

    (Devil's Advocate Mode) Simple Fact: Anyone in favor of keeping the code test just wants to keep only their old geezer buddies in ham radio just so they can talk about their laxatives and medical issues.

    All sounds kind of silly, doesn't it?  Do you have any evidence to back up your "simple fact"?  I'm a 20 WPM Extra and don't know any CBers.
  7. N1TGE

    N1TGE XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Well here goes my first post.

    I became a NCT when I was 12 in 1994. I have been meaning to get my code privliges ever since but I made a big mistake and joined the local volunteer FD and EMS. J/K I am glad I joined emergency services because I have learned a lot and it helped me get a great job.

    But all of this volunteer work has kept me busy along with school, college and work. I have been learning the code on and off and hopefully I will finally get thru this and get HF privliges. If I even have the spare cash kicking around to get a HF radio - and find a way to put a HF antenna in my condos attic! Time will tell.

    Anyway, I am 24 and most of my friends are around the same age. They all think the hobby is interesting but the CW scares them away. Talking to people far away in other countries is cool to them. The local repeater talk is not that attractive. They can do the same thing with their phones in full duplex! Even when I explain why CW is better sometimes they just refer me to the internet, their MP3 player camera cell phone or instant messengers that can all do the same thing for much less. Young people seem to like efficieny a lot these days with the little time we all have.

    If letting CW go gets more people into the hobby then lets welcome it. We all have a favorite mode to use. BUT, the FCC should leave a subband for CW operators. You never know when our bands are going to be looked at as prime real estate for other services. After 9/11 shortfalls in public safety communications has been a highlight in all the news. Not much has happened because there is NO MORE spectrum left. Pretty soon they might start to look at 2m, 1.25m or 70cm when first responders start to figure out that 800 trunk/digital systems dont propagate and cover large areas. Get more people involved in the hobby dont shun them away.

    Shawn N1TGE
  8. AC7DX

    AC7DX Ham Member QRZ Page

    But they are too lazy to learn. They've grown use to welfare and thats good enough for them
    A know coder
  9. K1MVP

    K1MVP Ham Member QRZ Page

    Ok Shawn,

    As far as cw scaring people,--I was 17 when I got my
    novice ticket back in 1959, and cw did not scare myself
    or many other "kids" back then.

    And why do you think that was?--We looked as the
    cw requirement,--as just that,--a "requirement" and did
    what we had to do to get the license.

    I was "scared" when I took my motor vehicle drivers exam at 19, BUT I did NOT let that stop me,--barely
    passed the road test, and went on to be a good driver
    and have driven all over the U.S. over the past 40+ years and was able to stay out of any major accident.

    I guess,--what I am saying,--is that if you want
    something bad enough,--you will find a way to get it.

                             73`s, Good luck,
                              from Rene,--K1MVP

    P.S., You have already demonstrated courage,(in my
           opinion) in posting your thoughts on this
           website.(QRZ is a "rough" one)
  10. KD8COO

    KD8COO Ham Member QRZ Page

    I plan on learning CW and upgrading no matter what. Whichever way the ruling goes, it only changes exactly how soon, and the order I'll do it in [​IMG] (I'm already confident in passing the written for the General, but am nowhere near having my CW down yet).
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