FCC Noncommital on Code Changes

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by AA7BQ, Feb 18, 2006.

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  1. N0FQN

    N0FQN Ham Member QRZ Page

    Here's another prime example of because everything else has "convenience" so should ham testing. You "worked" to get your novice ticket. Yes, you are a better person. You put forth the effort to do so because you thought it was worth while. People seem to feel if they don't like the testing or obstacle placed before them in life, just whine and find every "excuse", not reason, to get rid of it. I if you don't like the testing procedures then don't advance. Apparently you didn't want the class of license bad enough to put forth "the effort". Personally I feel strongly that if you "work hard" for something you'll appreciate it and treasure it a lot more. Ham radio is not like driving a car, a computer or any other advancement of "convenience". It "requires" a deeper understanding in all modes available to the operator than just turning on a rig and operating it. CW is still on all my rigs and my understanding is that the testing is to cover all modes available to the operator.
  2. IW5EIJ

    IW5EIJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Dear friend,
    i'm an ex-technician licensee. Here in Italia this happened just last summer. Since August 25 you heard IW prefix calling on HF bands. A lot of OM's were scared about this... they said this will be "the end of the real ham radio..."
    After some months we all discovered there was a lot of IW which are good CW operators and a lot of old OM which are bad phone ops.
    But the radio goes on and if you're a "real" OM your licence and your prefix doesn't matter... skilled ones will enjoy radio and "less skilled" (as i'm) discovers that CW is necessary if you want to go even in poor conditions... (3Y is impossible for me in ssb)
    So my friends don't worry... the more we're the more we will enjoy our hobby.
    Have a nice sunday... hpe to meet u on air
  3. N2NOW

    N2NOW Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    let those individuals make up their minds already with this code situtation. either keep the code or drop it and lets move on.
  4. PE1RDW

    PE1RDW Ham Member QRZ Page

    Now we have reduced our licence structure in the Netherlands to just novice and full we get some hams that have passed the code test when it was still tested and somehow feel that it makes them more technicaly skilled opperators.

    The funny part is that our goverment is giving the novice access to part of 40 and 20 meters and the whole 10 meter soon but not to 23 cm and higher.

    Guess the goverment feels that you need more technical skills for 23 cm and up then for HF.

    If there is one licence class that has been given extra privilages over the years it existed then it is novice.
    they started out as a temp licence with only 6 channels on 2 meter FM and no homebuild alowed, then they got the whole fm section between 145.000 till 145.7875, later it was extended to the fm section on 70cm , packet on 70cm, and ssb on 2m and 70cm. The last extention was opening the whole 2 meter and 70 cm in all modes including satalites and now HF is comming.

    Do I feel wronged that they get handed all these extentions? no not realy because it gives me more felow hams to experiment with.
  5. W4LWQ

    W4LWQ Ham Member QRZ Page

    The same with me 13wpm when I got it,Icouldn't have said it better than you.The "just because I did it" attitude pi$$es me off,I expect to see you only fly in prop jobs(no jets),no cell phones(we didn't have um).Just because I had to do something in the past doesn't mean it was correct.The times they are a changing,we need to change with it..Dave...
  6. KD5NCO

    KD5NCO Ham Member QRZ Page


    Ended with this thought demonstrating a great attitude;

    "Do I feel wronged that they get handed all these extentions? no not realy because it gives me more felow hams to experiment with."

    I like to think that some day many of the CW Morse Code lovers will stop the "I had to so you must also" or "you are not a REAL ham unless you know code". I am sick of the reference to lazy, stupid, dumbed down and other generalizations that disrespect many Licensed Amateur Radio Ops.

    I sincerely hope that some day they have an epiphany and realize that CW can stand on it's own for many many decades well into the 22nd century, perhaps forever. (well at least as long as the ARS exists)

    CW and Morse Code works every where every time, CW and Morse Code are a tradition, CW is easy and can be done home brew for less the $20.00, CW Morse Code is on the moon, satellites, and many beacons, Morse Code on CW helps bridge the language barrier, Morse Code on CW is nostalgic, and Morse Code via CW is fun..... sell those facts OM!

    WOW! And I am staunchly anti code test....hummmm go figure
  7. N0CTO

    N0CTO Guest

    I guess I need to hurry up and learn code before the requirement goes away - and then never use it.

    I would hate to be shunned by all the know-coders for the rest of my life while I'm TALKING on HF.
  8. N4SVA

    N4SVA Ham Member QRZ Page

    I say we lower the requirements for physicians. God knows we have a shortage of them.
  9. W5IEI

    W5IEI Guest

    Simple fact:
    Any General,or Extra in favor of dropping code is just wanting his/her local 11 meter buddies to be able to get on HF with him/her!
  10. K3NG

    K3NG Ham Member QRZ Page

    Bad analogy.  Eliminating/lowering physician testing would cause more people to die from doctor mistakes and incompetance.  Eliminating the code test will just cause a couple ham operator heart attacks.
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