FCC Drops Code

Discussion in 'Contests, DXpeditions and Special Events' started by NA2P, Dec 16, 2006.

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  1. K8PG

    K8PG QRZ Lifetime Member #333 Platinum Subscriber Life Member QRZ Page


    Dont worry about these JERKS,When I had my Extra back in the early 70s and I was 18 I got the Cold Welcome also but not from everyone.Their are those that will except and help you, take them as a grain of SALT(JERKS) and move on.Have fun I plan on getting active again as a VEC and Elmer as much as I can and try to hold on to some of our Traditions.Dont worry about the OLD FARTS!!!
    73 and GL,Merry Christmas to all.
    DE-K8PG Paul
  2. N0KLU

    N0KLU Ham Member QRZ Page

  3. W7ACT

    W7ACT Ham Member QRZ Page

    As a "NO CODE" Tech I couldn't agree with you more.....

    I don't think I've heard of any comment of dropping any of the Elements other than Element I. The only ones I've heard that comment from are some of the "Pro Code" or "FIST" Element of Ham Radio.
  4. KA4MGZ

    KA4MGZ Ham Member QRZ Page

    By accident, I stumbled upon this Forum, and decided to sign up and log in.

    I really hate to hear of the new FCC "No Code"........ When I decided to "try out" for my Novice License many years ago, I had no idea how much fun learning the code, was going to be.

    As I started learning, and I must say I had an EXCELLENT teacher (WA4ULA) Jack, from Hamlet, North Carolina, I became a very fast learner.

    As I have always said, "Times change and People change and if we cannot accept the CHANGE, than sometimes, we get left behind". Hopefully the CHANGE will turn out for the best.

    Robert Thrush Jr. (KA4MGZ)
    Pinehurst, N.C.
  5. KG4KPG

    KG4KPG Ham Member QRZ Page

    I'm glad it's gone. Oh, I would have eventually studied and hopefully passed it, but I have absolutely no interest in CW. If people want something official saying they are qualified, maybe they need to create an endorsement for your ticket for you to display proudly. It's fine to keep tradition alive, but it shouldn't be a requirement. I've been studying for my General written and it's hard enough. I always talk to kids about ham radio. I tell them ahout becoming a Technician, get a good taste of it, since it's good for 10 years. Then they can decide what they want out of it for their future. I want to get on HF so I can talk to my ham friends in GA and TX. CW is not for me. Of course, all this negative battling sure doesn't encourage me. This is what will cause the downfall of amatuer radio, in my opinion.
    I also don't believe Cb'ers will be a problem. I still use a CB when off-roading as most of the people I know aren't hams and only keep a Cb to talk on the trail. I have both types of radio's mounted in my jeep. Few if any Cb junkies I know have expressed interest in ham radio, especially because of the cost. Times change and usually the rules go right along with it.
  6. AG0K

    AG0K Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Picking up a mike to talk somewhere to encourage someone to join the Amateur Radio ranks is at best difficult. Especially when the person you are talking to has free long distance and unlimited minutes to anyone on their plan. Especially hard with the nextel radio groups.

    Grabbing the straight key or keyer and making a contact still has the magic that caught me some 43 years ago.

    It is still doing something most of the world can't do.
    CW will still make someone a foot taller than the rest.

    Charlie Wiskey is very good for you.  A diet without it would be lacking an essential element. Another proof that the goverment doesn't always know what is good for you.

    Grace, Peace, and Joy

  7. N4WVE

    N4WVE Ham Member QRZ Page

    I, for one, do not use or enjoy code.  I have no musical talent so it all sounds pretty much the same to me.  I have a General Class license that I worked VERY  hard to get.  My point is this, many people do enjoy code.  Just as many others enjoy packet, SSTV and SSB.  There is no licensing requirement for these other modes (other than the written test) so why should there be one for morse??  If you enjoy it, then use it![​IMG]   I work in television with people much younger than myself who have never even heard morse code yet they are great engineers.  Being a qualified, knowledgeable, polite operator has nothing to do with passing a code test.  Stop worrying about CB'ers.  Everyone should have a chance to improve and better themselves ("you are the company you keep").  If they don't meet the standards, then Mr. Hollingsworth would, and be expected by us to fine them or pull their ticket!  I meet many, many interesting and unique people on SSB and expect to for many years to come.  Lets make ham radio a good place for us all to come and enjoy our common interests!

    Greg N4WVE
  8. W0UZR

    W0UZR Ham Member QRZ Page

    I HAVE COME TO CONCLUSION that most hams are incapable to GO ON with their lives saying "OK, the FCC made their decision about dropping the code and I have to find a way to live with it."

    OR, I have come to the conclusion that most people here DON'T have any other life., or anything else to do in life other than being in front of a computer every day all day, and don't have anything else to do at all.

    PLEASE, tell me how you don't have anything to do other being in front of a computer arguing about code so I can get all of this time.
  9. K5HSV

    K5HSV Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    After obtaining my Extra class ticket, I finally got to hang out on that portion of the band and enjoy the benifits earned from the long nights of studies. What I found was operators that were rude, not giving their call sign as they should and in one instance calling me a "Nubie" and telling me to go away. Gosh that was one heck of an eye opener. I just blew it off and went along until a discussion on code verses no code came up with a fellow ham who has been an Extra for some years now. I felt that it would be opening up the Pandora's Box for ham radio to do away with the code portion of the exam... yup I even felt that way before I passed it too. He stated, "Have you listened to the Extra portion of the bands lately?"  I paused and realized he was right. Some of those "old timers" who had passed the code, had the manners of a CB'er.  Most I have to say were great but it's like a bad experience at a restaurant, you always recall the bad ones more so than the great ones. I welcome every new ham and those to come. After all this is a hobby of communication. Be friendly and be a good Elmer. I welcome no code.

    Paul - K5HSV [​IMG]
  10. KB0TT

    KB0TT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Lets see:

    You all can say that I am one who does not care... The fight still lingers... Over what [​IMG]

    I work both phone and CW..... I HOPE the new Extras stay on phone.... Please.... The CW sub-bands have been reduced while the phone has been expanded......

    What's wrong with that ??

    It is easier ( less congested ) on CW..... Unless the new guys wish to jump on the morse bandwagon,
    with their blistering 5 - 10 wpm, the older hams have NOTHING to worry about.. Just be courteous and let the phone rift take care of itself..... That IS the answer.....

    Serious CW ops WILL learn or back up to Phone....

    What is the secret ?? It will happen..... Just hope the REAL CW ops will retain their composure and sevility as in the past years...

    It's a no brainer......Most people can talk.... PHONE for them ... DONE.....as as us lesser peons survive the ( shrunken CW ) Subands..... ....

    Seems there are more " I don't Wannas " Than there are "Wannas "....

    We can't loose.... Everyone wins...
    How many Extra class ops want to go to the CW sub-bands to show off their 5 + wpm arrogance ( without computers and the like )

    This is NOT a NEGATIVE post... Just a realistic one ...!!!

    We as amateurs have been divided on this thought for months ... years.....

    Let'er rip !!!! Fallout too !!!


    Let the game playout.....Get both qualifications in the mix.....

    Shake them up and you will find the slurry will be the proof.....

    The top sludge will be phone operators......Attempting to be recognized by the self serving old guys.....

    The bottom slurry might actually learn some skill.... ( not all ) ...

    Let the slurry learn as the the Sugar ( Molasses ) of the cane fields......

    Simple .... Simple ..... Simple..


    PS I need not tell my op speed as others do on avatars...
    I don't need to advertise ( why do they do that anyway [​IMG]? To BRAG !!! ) Talk the talk then walk the walk ... Without computers or keyers ...
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