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    FCC Affirms $10,000 Fine in Amateur Pirate Case:
    The FCC has fined a Texas man $10,000 for transmitting without a license on an Amateur Radio band. Following a Notice of Apparent Liability issued in September, the FCC affirmed the $10,000 fine in a December 26 Forfeiture Order to David Edwin Merrell of Wichita Falls. The FCC said Merrell did not respond to the NAL.

    In its earlier NAL, the FCC said it was acting on "numerous complaints" from the amateur community that an unidentified station operating on 7235 and 7238 kHz in the 40-meter band was causing "intentional interference to authorized communications." The FCC's High Frequency Direction Finding network determined that the signal was located in the Wichita Falls area. Last June, agents in the FCC's Dallas office monitored an unidentified station on 7220 kHz and determined that the transmission was coming from Merrell's residence. "The station did not identify and transmitted only one-way broadcasts," the FCC said.

    During as station inspection, Merrell "admitted to the transmissions and stated that he did not have a station operator license," the FCC said. Unconfirmed reports to the FCC indicate that Merrell may have continued to occasionally transmit on 40 meters following the FCC visit.

    "Considering the entire record and applying the statutory factors listed above, this case warrants a $10,000 forfeiture," the FCC concluded. Merrell has 30 days from the date of the Order's release to pay the fine. If not paid, the matter could be referred to the Department of Justice for collection.


    The ARRL Letter Vol. 21, No. 03 January 18, 2002

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