fake callsign ce0x/**

Discussion in 'Community Help Center' started by CE6UFF, Feb 25, 2020.

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  1. UA6JD

    UA6JD Moderator Volunteer DX Helper Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    I don't understood why he use CE0X , instead PY0.... . Anyway , I think IP of user in Hampshire should be match callsign's country . I am know that is available proxy from same rare islands, like Bouvet, Heard -. I am not sure about CE0X proxy IP .
    Hampshire publish his QSL card in his site , so they accept any callsigns - too far from real DXing .
    All above info more for Hampshire users that to you .
  2. F0DUW

    F0DUW XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    One day may Maybe no more antennas for you or too much QRM, may be you will enjoy QSO all over the worl with virtual propagation od HS4. With HamSphere i have fun since 2012. I have start radio 40 years ago, now you have free web SDR to listen to the world, hamsphere to communicate via Voip, we are in the XXI century not like in 1950. On hamsphere you can also use CW. The problem is you cant said i dont like this if you have not try. You can try for FREE for one month, so come and try what is hamsohere 4 before to say you dont like. Me too i prefere to have real ham radio with big antennas on the roof and no QRM S9. They are 352 DXCC in the world, so this is why with REMOTE some amateur radio like to have a remote from rare DXCC of the word. On HamSphere they are also operators who have an identifiant like on 11 meter, exemple 14HS12345 is France, 2HS is USA, etc. They cant have a remote. Wlad they are a lot of russian and ukainian operators on HS4 ! Come and have a qso in rusian with me, spasibe, paka.
  3. UA6JD

    UA6JD Moderator Volunteer DX Helper Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    I play in Hamsphere few years ago when move in to USA. And I not said "I not like it" . No . We just dispute about legal or not use CE0X callsign . Maybe I would like use France callsign and locate in USA . Is it legal?
    You said about "remote" . What is remote in Hamsphere ? In DXCC "remote" should be antenna and transmitter locate in same country as callsign's DXCC status . I can live in USA , but using Russian callsign if my TX and Antenna locate in Russia . What about Hamsphere? I asked above - if it Internet based operation , should be callsign will same as IP of Computer . It is very easy and very cheap buy VPN proxy and operated from any small Island , like Heard Island . If you visit my QRZ page - you can see the Flag counters data - look - I have a lot of visitors from Bouvet - 3Y0 , but these visitors live in Europe and using this Island proxy .
    You mention about 352 DXCC countries . Right now it is 340 (see http://www.arrl.org/files/file/DXCC/2020 Current_Deleted.txt ) . So , you using not DXCC list , but Hamsphere country list . Not say "DXCC" . DXCC is award issue by ARRL and it is very clearly note about entity activation . Do you have same criteria in your resource?
    Nobody said that Hamsphere is bad . But... if it will support some operation like this one.....
    I am QRZ staff member , but here I explain my personal opinion .

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