Ernie Maas / PD0ECD Silent key

Discussion in 'Silent Keys / Friends Remembered' started by PA9F, Aug 9, 2018.

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  1. PA9F

    PA9F Ham Member QRZ Page

    In june 2018 my best friend and matey Ernie passed away and I would like to establish, that his call is removed from the database of

    WHO can help me out??
  2. K2HAT

    K2HAT QRZ Volunteer Volunteer DX Helper QRZ Page

    My Condolences.
    I have changed Ernie's QRZ page to honor him as Silent Key.

    Ernie Maas PD0ECD SK
    April 15, 2018 Ewoud Klop

    On 15 April we received the message that our fellow radio amateur and friend Ernie Maas (PD0ECD) has died. Ernie was an avid CW operator and we also reported his Silent Key (SK) via the amateur band in the Ronde van Gorinchem.

    As most of us knew, Ernie was very weak in his health in recent years.
    This morning Ernie has fallen asleep in peace.

    In memory and out of respect for Ernie, his wife Ewa, his son Christian and the other family and friends we have kept 1 minute of silence on the amateur band in the Ronde van Gorkum.
    Ernie, (PD0ECD), a man from thousands.

    What a hit we had to deal with this week as radio amateurs. Ernie passed away. As a rumble, this news droned over the amateur countries in Central Netherlands.
    Some anecdotes that made Ernie what he was and how he lived:

    The strikes among skippers on the Merwede were expertly based on the radio band policy by Ernie. Of course clandestine, but he managed to move the skippers to regularly pull the air horn on the water. The skippers never knew to speak to a radio amateur who illegally made radio contact with the skippers. The pretoogjes, which he could set up so nicely, will undoubtedly have blasted.

    Ernie was a radio amateur in heart and soul. He might have 'only' an N registration, but for example the Morse (CW) was completely powerful. This resulted in a great moment when I visited a radio amateur meeting in Bad Bentheim. A German amateur, who read Ernie's call letters, tempted him to do a CW train behind an old punch tape machine. I can still hear the German man call: "Lass dich mal ├╝berraschen durch die Maschine ...." .... Ernie looked at me with pretoogies and walked up to the man, who DACHT an amateur to meet, who knew NO Morse ....
    Ernie sat down and finished the test in CW .... 0 errors .... While Ernie was doing the test, I saw the German becoming whiter with the second ...... False, Ernie was certainly WELL Morse powerful .... After the test, Ernie walked away, the paper tape was allowed to keep the German amateur .... That face ... .. GREAT Just !!!

    Ernie was also an avid sportsman. This week Ron (PD0NUD) picked up an anecdote, which stayed with me .... On a nice Saturday afternoon Ernie flew over Gorinchem .... Only 50 meters high. A roar of engines roared over Gorinchem and on 145.225 Ron heard Ernie calling ... .. Ron ?? Ron ?? .... Yes Ernie .... Did you hear me ?? If you hear such a story, one can imagine what fun Ernie must have had in his plane over Gorinchem. As Ron put it .... The bathroom tiles almost fell off the wall of the noise .... And what a good thing Ernie must have had ....

    That was Ernie .... A bon vivant, a buddy-4-life and a powerful man to be allowed to know.
    Ernie, buddy, me (but also we) will miss you ... .. It was an honor to know you.

    On behalf of the Gorinchemse Amateur Club (PI4GAC), rest softly
    Respecting your buddy, Gert, PA9F - Gorinchem

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