eQSL Downloader 2018.05.02 released

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio Software' started by AC9HP, May 3, 2018.

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  1. KD2NOM

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    Quick update.

    I finished downloading month by month starting in May of last year until September of this year. I have a total of 422 eqsl cards that downloaded. However looking at my archive, that is a fraction of my cards:

    2017 June 4
    2017 July 130
    2017 August 350
    2017 September 399
    2017 October 225
    2017 November 391
    2017 December 523
    2018 January 447
    2018 February 650
    2018 March 412
    2018 April 362
    2018 May 505
    2018 June 1050
    2018 July 870
    2018 August 722
    2018 September 654
    2018 October 341
  2. AC9HP

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    Welcome to API limits.

    If you download any faster they throttle block your IP for several minutes. 10 seconds per card minimum.

    If you used an old version before you might get duplicates. With this version it should only download each card once. If that is not the case I need to review the code again. If it appears it is downloading dups can you email your log entries and screen shot of the file names. Perhaps some condition exists where the file naming goes wrong.

    If you log into eQSL and try to query for the same ranges you will find it’s another limit they have. I think the limit is 2k cards in a search.

    Living by the rules they set makes sure other users expirences are not disrupted by one user and that does make sense.

    If your downloading in the background and you go the eQSL website and start looking at your cards you may trigger the message from eQSL that you need to slow down.

    These limits are enforced.



  3. KD2NOM

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  4. AC9HP

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    Working towards completing the JAVA Version of the eQSL downloader. Its been a long road but finally had some down time.

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