SOLD End Fed 80-6 Meter HF Antenna Matchbox System

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Gear For Sale' started by KD9LOQ, May 25, 2019.

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  1. KD9LOQ

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    End Fed 80-6 Meter HF Antenna Matchbox System

    Tiny and light weight but ready and capable to put in work! This unit is encased in a 1"x 2"x 3" ABS box and comes with a SO-239 connector.

    I purchased from a eBay seller and paid about $38.00 but I am now leaving HF and will sell it now for a total of $25.00 including shipping in the US (FIRM PRICE)


    Below is what the eBay seller posts HOWEVER IT DIDN'T WORK WELL FOR ME IN MY SITUATION. I used it for about 4 hours total.

    This unit will allow you to run an end fed dipole (1 single wire) on almost any band with just a single wire and radio+tuner. My matchbox is made with a larger toroid than most here and solid copper wire allowing more power to run through it. You can run from QRP to 150Watts PEP easily if using a tuner with random length. You can run 500W+PEP if you trim to a resonant length and run no tuner.

    This is accomplished with a trifilar wound unun (not balun) transformer at a 9:1 ratio. How this works is really quite simple. Running a standard dipole with 2 elements has about a 72 ohm feed point at the center but end feeding a dipole will result in impedance levels from 1800 to 5000 ohms! That's way too much for a tuner to handle right? Well that's what this matchbox takes care of. Simply put it brings the impedance down to levels that tuners can deal with and a tuner isn't even needed if you trim to a good length.

    First off you will need a tuner unless you use the chart provided a little lower in the description and trim to resonant length! The bands you can tune up and work depends on your tuner. I use a LDG with my 897d and I can tune up 160-6meters. Although probably not very efficient on 160 it will tune up for me. Use at least 16 feet of coax from the box to the tuner! The box uses the shield of your coax so the 16 feet or more is good.
    You can run your antenna as a vertical/sloper/inverted L/or zig zag even. Myself, I usually use a 60' wire and wrap it around and up my 32' telescopic mast while portable. Or I use a 30' wire and run up 20' or so and make an inverted L. The fun thing about being a ham is experimenting and finding out what works the best for you in your situation.

    COMMON AND PROVEN LENGTHS OF WIRE TO RUN ARE AS FOLLOWS; (FEET) 35.5 41 58 71 84 107 119 148 203 347 407 423

    I have many customers that swear this thing rocks on 20 meters perfectly without a tuner using a 84 foot wire and they can tune up on ALL other bands. Some bands may benefit from using radials or a small ground rod depending on the antenna wire length. You can add or subtract from your antenna wire to obtain a better match for any band/s you wish.
    So just run your antenna wire 22-84 feet, run to your tuner and to your radio, tune up and talk!



    Thanks, Gary KD9LOQ


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  2. KD9LOQ

    KD9LOQ Ham Member QRZ Page

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