SOLD Elecraft KX3, KXPA100 Amp, Power Supply, Homemade Panadapter, and more!

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Gear For Sale' started by KD8RTT, Oct 11, 2018.

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  1. KD8RTT

    KD8RTT Ham Member QRZ Page

    This was posted early last week, but I am reposting with a lower price.

    This is a lot for a complete station all around an Elecraft KX3, the KXPA100 amplifier, and a MFJ-4125 Power Supply (which I added a resistor to quiet it down a bit). There are also a ton of accessories I am including. This was a great station, but I'm thinning out my setup so this needs to go!

    The KX3 comes with the sidekick panels, polycarbonate cover, the built-in antenna tuner, end heatsink, internal bandpass filters, and the improved shaft encoder.
    The KXPA100 amplifier is a 100w amp and includes the built-in antenna tuner. It was built as a kit by a previous owner.

    As for accessories, they are shown in the photo, but listed:
    -Modified Wouxon speaker mic (now is only a mic) to use with the KX3, small gooseneck mic
    -Included Palm Pico paddle and special mount
    -Unlabeled balun/unun (can't remember which)
    -straight key
    -lightweight headphones
    -OEM KXPA100 power cable, Powerpole to 2.1mm barrel cable, homemade Powerpole extension cable, cigarette lighter adapter
    -BNC to banana jack adapter, short PL-259 jumper, short right angle BNC to SO-239
    -USB soundcard and two 3.5mm cables (I used this for a super simple computer interface)
    -Cables to interface amp to KX3, USB cable for programming/radio control
    -Homemade panadapter. This was built on a Raspberry Pi and will show about +/-15 kHz of the center frequency (not as good as the Elecraft one, but much cheaper!). Simply connect to IQ jack on KX3 and press the button at the top right to turn off/on.
    -Two hard cases- one for KX3 and the other fits the amp/power supply. The larger one's foam cutout is a bit rough with some missing pieces (I wouldn't use this as checked luggage, but perfectly suitable to bringing the gear to Field Day or storing it.)

    I'm asking $2300 including shipping for everything and I accept Paypal. I am happy to discuss over the phone if you have questions- just send me a PM or email and I'll call you back. Will ship UPS Ground within a day or two of payment.

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  2. KD8RTT

    KD8RTT Ham Member QRZ Page

    sent you a PM with a couple links!
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  3. KD8RTT

    KD8RTT Ham Member QRZ Page

    The amplifier and associated cables (including the short PL-259 jumper, KX3 to KXPA100 cables, KXPA100 power cables), power supply, large hard case, modified speaker mic, and BNC to binding post adapter have all sold.

    I'm asking $1300 for all that's left.
  4. KD8RTT

    KD8RTT Ham Member QRZ Page

    To clarify what’s included now:
    • KX3 itself (comes with internal ATU, roofing filters, improved shaft encoder, end plate handles which allow the polycarbonate cover to fit on, aftermarket heatsink
    • Palm Pico paddle and KX3 front mount (company just went out of business but I absolutely loved this paddle for this radio!)
    • Unlabeled balun/unun (can’t remember which)
    • Pair of lightweight headphones
    • Computer gooseneck mic
    • Straight Key
    • Powerpole to 2,1mm power cable, Powerpole extension cable, cigarette lighter to 2.1mm power cable
    • Short right angle BNC to SO239 adapter cable
    • USB sound card and two 3.5mm auxiliary cables (works as a cheap computer interface)
    • KX3 USB cable for rig control/programming
    • Small hard case (Pelican-knockoff) with foam cutout to hold KX3 with paddle on the front as well as a couple cables/adapters
    • The RPI panadapter setup which consists of the RPi, LCD screen, USB stereo sound card- all packed into a little box with a stand.
    • KX3 original manual and some other paperwork
    The serial number is in the low 300s (it’s packed up already so I can’t get the specific value right now). I’m not sure if it was a kit or factory built as I’m the second owner. I don’t know of any mods other than the encoder change, the internal ATU, roofing filters, the side panels and heatsink.

    As for the panadapter, it's basically built upon this concept:

    Asking $1200 now including shipping for all that's left.
  5. KD8RTT

    KD8RTT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Still available! Asking $1100- needs to go!!
  6. KD8RTT

    KD8RTT Ham Member QRZ Page

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