Elecraft KX1 - nice radio but rooms for improvement in the construction manual

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio Equipment Reviews' started by VR2XMC, Dec 17, 2014.

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  1. VR2XMC

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    I recently built a Elecraft KX1 for a local ham in VR2 who cannot DIY himself due to some reasons. This KX1 comes with the KXB3080 30/80 module and KXAT1 ATU module.

    The construction of the basic KX1 was straight forward and required less skill than K2. Although the manual of KX1 is well written, it does not clearly take into account the possibly of the future construction of KXB3080 and KXAT1. This is the major deficiency of the manual and I would not expect that from Elecraft after constructing many K2s in the past.

    The space tolerance with the installation of KXB3080 and KXAT1 is very tight especially near the low pass filters L1 & L2 area. Therefore, the construction manual of KX1 should forth warn and draw the builder great attention.

    Page 32 of the KX1 manual, C46-C49, C54 should be soldered at the top (i.e.component) side with all the legs cut flush at the bottom side. This will give more space for the future installation of LPF1 (tiny PCB) of KXB3080.

    The tiny LPF1 pcb of KXB3080 is to be situated in the tight space formed between the C46-C49& C54 area of KX1 and R3-R4 & C10 area of KXAT1. Therefore, Page 3 of KXAT1 manual, R3, R4& C10 should be soldered on the component side and cut flush on the other side.

    Finally, back to performance, KX1 is a real nice little QRP radio with good RX selectivity and sensitivity. However, the radio is very expensive when you add up the KXB3080 and KXAT1. Try to compare with K1, K2 and KX3 in terms of price Vs performance before making your purchase decision.
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