Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by HB9NBG, Jun 29, 2021.

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  1. W3AMT

    W3AMT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Serh gut video. Gut germacht. I do sprechan Deutsch.
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  2. VE3EY

    VE3EY Ham Member QRZ Page

    I didn't mean to nitpick but it appears to me that the screws holding three antenna connectors in place on that K4 are rusted already. I suspect soon there will be a K4SSscrew kit available for purchase for $40 :)
    Jokes aside, I am sure it is a great radio and likely some day I will own one.
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  3. NI4TG

    NI4TG XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    We have three elecrafts at the Club, and two more provided by members at Field Day. I’m just a country boy from North Carolina, but to me, I prefer operating my Yaesu or Icom . The Bentley impresses neighbors, but the Toyota may be just as good for most.
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  4. KX2T

    KX2T Ham Member QRZ Page

    By the time the K4D is available one of the big three will have there next generation radio out, Icom will have a newer version of the 7610, maybe the Pro series in that radio and a 7300 Pro as well, Kenwood will have a replacement for the 990S and maybe an SG on the 890, Yaesu will have a 101MKII and the TenMKII by then all with outstanding RX numbers so by that time the K4 will be old hat tech.
    Most of the K4's on the air have been beta testers of EU dealers so I cannot get overly exited by a biased report plus the sherwood labs number were all not that great, to compare a 7610 to one you gotta place at least 10db of antennation in the front end of the 7610 and that goes for the Flex radio's as well cause there front end deaf compared to Icom and Kenwoods.
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  5. WN1MB

    WN1MB Ham Member QRZ Page

    Just curious: have you ever used the Elecrafts? And if so, for how long? Reason I ask is...

    ...years ago I was sticking my nose up in the air in disgust of a certain Yaesu HF rig. As luck, or fate would have it, I had the opportunity to use that rig for an extended period of time - not just an afternoon or weekend. I went into this courtship with a jaundiced eye, but became a fanboy. Lo and behold, it turned out being a very fine rig, both in the UI sense, but also its on-the-air performance.

    Coincidentally, I see a few IC-705s hitting the used market already! Guess for some, the honeymoon is over...
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  6. WN1MB

    WN1MB Ham Member QRZ Page

    ...and TenTec will have full inventory status for their entire product line. Oh, LOOK! IT'S THE EASTER BUNNY AND TOOTH FAIRY!
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  7. N1DZ

    N1DZ XML Subscriber QRZ Page


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