Elecraft K4

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by N3AWS, Apr 7, 2021.

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  1. W4PG

    W4PG Super Moderator Lifetime Member 279 Volunteer Moderator Platinum Subscriber Life Member QRZ Page

    I also got tired of waiting and got an FTdx101MP. However, it sucks on CW. The noisy relays it uses for break-in are strange given the technology today can easily get around that. I guess Yaesu just doesn't think anyone works CW anymore. The rest of the rig is truly outstanding. Had the K4 been available, I would clearly have gotten that rather than the MP.

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  2. W7HV

    W7HV Ham Member QRZ Page

    I basically only operate CW and find the FTDX101MP to be excellent. I use headphones so don't hear the relays and use semi break-in with a 30msec delay so the relays don't click between dits and dahs. At 20+ wpm that totally fine for me. There a trick to make the relays much quieter, but I'd rather wait past the warranty period for that. At 3 years, that'll be awhile. The FTDX101MP with the latest firmware and 8msec CW risetime has the narrowest CW sig of any rigs out there.
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  3. WB2WIK

    WB2WIK Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    I don't have an FTDX101MP and never even used one. I should look at the manual, which is probably 200 pages of gibberish, but haven't (yet).

    Does it not have a way to switch "off" the relay(s) if you don't use the rig to key an amplifier? Some rigs do have that feature, and it's a good one.

    Then, my main rigs are Ten Tecs and you can't hear any relays at any speed including full QSK. T-T really designed stuff for CW, with other modes added as a frill.:p They actually do use a relay (one) for T-R switching, but it's a sealed reed relay and it makes no sound. So easy to do that.
  4. WX7P

    WX7P Ham Member QRZ Page

    Your interpretation of my comments couldn't be any more incorrect. The fact that Elecraft is an American company has nothing to do with discussions of performance.

    Based on your comment, you likely lead the cheerleading section for American cars when Chrysler came out with gems like the Plymouth Volare or the Dodge Aspen. Junk cars, but hey! they are 'Merican, so let's support them. That was a fools errand in the 70's and that attitude is a fool's errand now.
  5. US7IGN

    US7IGN Ham Member QRZ Page

    Sounds like audiophile reasoning. In comparisons, many people deliberately or unintentionally use different settings, which gives an incorrect comparison. I personally meet regularly people who do not even understand how to use the transceiver correctly. Even if they are given the most expensive apparatus, it will not help. It seems to me that all modern devices of the same level, with the correct settings, do not have an advantage over each other in signal reception. Transceivers have become like women - everything is the same there, the only difference is in appearance ...
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  6. W5IEI

    W5IEI Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    He is an Elecraft fanboy. And
    He probably drives a VW ,BMW, or Toyota.

    I just think Elecraft made maximum use of their exaggerated disasters.
    The fires,and the "pandemic".
    A lot of us went to work every day.
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  7. K1VSK

    K1VSK Ham Member QRZ Page

    I could have been a lot more incorrect. But I wasn’t.
    You called those who support Elecraft a “cult”. There is only one way to interpret that.
  8. K2XT

    K2XT Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Spot on observation. This is a major surprise in these top rated and priced rigs.
    A few rigs I have experience with or knowledge of - Kenwood 590=relay. Icom 7300=relay.
    Flex 6300 (no relay or at least it is totally silent). All Elecraft rigs=totally silent, pin diode switching.

    So, the point is, why haven't the Japanese mfrs adopted solid state switching like Elecraft? Elecraft appears to have solved whatever technical/reliability problems there were ~25 years ago, including in their 500 w and 1500 w amps.
    Once you have used a pin diode equipped rig the relays (no matter how tiny and sound insulated they are) seem so crude.
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  9. US7IGN

    US7IGN Ham Member QRZ Page

    I do the same with my old 756pro3 without any problem.
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  10. WX7P

    WX7P Ham Member QRZ Page

    You obviously have reading comprehension problems, which has been evident every time you post.

    My comment was "I wonder if the products made by Elecraft are as hot damn as everyone says or if there is just a vocal cult following for their radios."

    A semi-literate fourth grader would notice the qualifier "if" before the phrase "vocal cult" which clearly shows my comment as a question versus a definitive statement.

    You get yourself worked up "going for the win" and reaffirming your twisted biases, you forget how to read.

    I won't respond further to any of your babbling. As far as I'm concerned, the issue is closed.
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