Eico 145A signal tracer schematic needed

Discussion in '"Boat Anchor" & Classic Equipment' started by WB9QVY, Jun 10, 2019.

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  1. WB9QVY

    WB9QVY Ham Member QRZ Page

    A few items followed me home from latest hamfest. One was an Eico
    145A signal tracer. This thing was obviously a kit build and not done very well.
    Its going to take a lot of rework.

    But I need a schematic and/or construction manual for this thing.
    Searching online comes up empty.

    NOTE...This is NOT anything like the model 145. Completely different tube
    lineup and layout. Actually closer to a 147.

  2. K9STH

    K9STH Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

  3. WB9QVY

    WB9QVY Ham Member QRZ Page

  4. WA2CWA

    WA2CWA Ham Member QRZ Page

  5. WB9QVY

    WB9QVY Ham Member QRZ Page

    Well since there doesnt seem to be a 145A schematic out there I will have to make
    do with the 147A schematic.They are similar enough I should be able to figure it out.

    The 145A seems to be an "econo" version of the 147A...

    WA2CWA...thanks...but Im not willing to pay more for a schematic than I paid for the unit.

  6. W5RKL

    W5RKL Ham Member QRZ Page

    Mike (WB9QVY)

    I have the Eico 145A Signal Tracer complete assembly manual with schematic on my website. Click the link below
    to download the manual in pdf format:


    I fully restored my Eico 145A and it works great. I added a piece of perforated aluminum
    between the black cover and the speaker. It's barely visible when the top chassis view
    is enlarged (click the picture) This prevents poking holes in the speaker through the
    black cover.

    See the restored 145A and watch my video of the restored operational Eico 145A
    by clicking the links below

    The test shown in the video is a simple RF and AF test using simple Heathkit test gear.

    Restored Eico 145A

    The probe used in the RF test is a Heathkit PK3 RF probe. The audio probes were made
    using Velleman TLM6 RED and BLACK plastic probes found on eBay.

    Mike W5RKL
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2019
  7. WB9QVY

    WB9QVY Ham Member QRZ Page

    Awesome...just what I needed. Thanks.

    Mine is going to take a little work. It appears to be all there but appears to either be uncompleted or partially disassembled.

  8. WA2CWA

    WA2CWA Ham Member QRZ Page

    Of course, if the equipment doesn't work or doesn't work properly, it really doesn't make any difference what you paid for the equipment. :)
    But, no big deal; two other readers decided to get one; and life goes on.
  9. W5RKL

    W5RKL Ham Member QRZ Page

    If your 145A is in such poor condition then I recommend you completely disassemble it and start from scratch.
    There's a mistake in the schematic part list. C5 on the schematic has only "4" caps but the schematic part lists
    shows "5". The full part lists (5th page) shows C5 has only "4" caps, 2 x 20ufd @ 450VDC and 2 x 10ufd @ 350VDC.
    The full part lists on 5th page shows the correct number and values of C5 multi cap can.
    You can find new tube sockets, terminal strips, and mounting hardware (screws, nuts, washers) on ebay. Replace
    the 2 blade non-polarized power cord with a new 2 blade polarized power cord available from Walmart.

    Mike W5RKL
  10. K9STH

    K9STH Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    Better yet, replace the power cord with a proper 3-wire cord connecting the ground (green) wire directly to the chassis. Also, add a fuse that goes between the black wire and point "A". The white wire goes to the side of the power cord that connects directly to the power transformer.

    Glen, K9STH

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