Echolink repeater

Discussion in 'Echolink/IRLP Tech Board' started by KC9JCH, Aug 6, 2020.

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  1. KC9JCH

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    Seeking the collected wisdom of the group. I have a Motorola MSF 5000 repeater that I got from a friend. It has been tuned to my assigned frequency pair and the duplexer cans should be tuned by next week. I want to make it into an echolink machine as well as a local uhf repeater. I have a good (not great) antenna fed with 1/2” hardline and there are no machines local to me, so I think it will get used. I have done rig control with CAT commands before and have rigblasters and the ability to interface with “normal” radios. I have several computers capable and can run windows, Mac OS or Ubuntu Linux. Does anyone have a reference for interfacing an old Motorola repeater? I’ve been all through the pages and either it isn’t there or I’m missing something. I just need some basic “get started” instructions on computer/repeater interface specific for this machine. I asked on the echolink “help” page and got a non answer. Anybody with experience with this one?
  2. K7JEM

    K7JEM Ham Member QRZ Page

    Does this have an external controller, or is it only using the internal controller? Basically, you need to interface the audio keying circuits between the computer and the repeater. How that is done depends on the particular model of MSF5000. It could be as easy as wiring to the mic jack on the MSF, but it all depends on the internal programming and what else is tied to the radio.
  3. KC9JCH

    KC9JCH Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Just the internal controller, but also have this
    which gives some audio in/out options. It is a “digital capable” later model repeater.

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