echolink for Windows 10.

Discussion in 'Echolink/IRLP Tech Board' started by KK4ASA, Jan 3, 2017.

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  1. KI7PBG

    KI7PBG Ham Member QRZ Page

    Sorry to Bring up a old thread but so glad i seen this an VK1FGYL post i did some checking and Echolink has a serious flaw in uninstalling on windows 10 i did some checking after i search and found this thread. i'm avoiding it till a new one is out and using the android version, thanks for the original poster of the thread.
  2. VK1FGYL

    VK1FGYL Ham Member QRZ Page

    Thank you very much for your reply. I found out that Windows 10 Professional in 64 BIT falls over and is unstable with Echolink. The 32 BIT version of WIN 10 works fine and is stable. I suggest using a dedicated computer for Echolink only.
  3. KA9JLM

    KA9JLM Ham Member QRZ Page

    Yes. One running Win 7 works great, With all hardware.
  4. KI7PBG

    KI7PBG Ham Member QRZ Page

    has he made a new version yet i would really like to get this up and running in my house, as i currently don't have a base in my house or antenna so this would be a nice thing to have.
  5. F8BMB

    F8BMB Ham Member QRZ Page


    pay attention to the uninstallation of echolink under W8 or W10.
    you should not use the standard uninstall, otherwise you will lose access to the start menu and the taskbar.
    You must use regedit and remove all references to Echolink, first remove the launch icon from the desktop, and from the start menu.
    And finish by removing the Windows icons \ startmenu.
    Cordial 73s
  6. K1RFD

    K1RFD Ham Member QRZ Page

    Unfortunately, there's some misinformation in this thread. EchoLink, and most other 32-bit Windows applications, are not written "for" any specific version of Windows. EchoLink runs well on all 32-bit and 64-bit editions of desktop Windows, including Windows 10. Due to the nature of the app, creating a 64-bit version of it would have particular advantage. If you're running into trouble, it's not due to the version of Windows you are running, but more likely the sound-card drivers.

    Separately, however, there is a known incompatibility between modern Windows versions and the particular version of InstallShield that is packaged with EchoLink. InstallShield is a separate program that is used to install and un-install software. Until InstallShield is updated (or replaced), it's a good idea to un-install EchoLink manually, should it ever be required, as F8BMB correctly points out.
  7. KA9JLM

    KA9JLM Ham Member QRZ Page

    The problem is normally when the hardware and drivers are not Microsoft blessed.

    But there is normally a work around. :)
  8. K1RFD

    K1RFD Ham Member QRZ Page

    Correction: ...would not have any particular advantage.
  9. KA1AAA

    KA1AAA Ham Member QRZ Page

    Been running EL on W10 for a couple years. No issues.
  10. K1RFD

    K1RFD Ham Member QRZ Page

    EchoLink for Windows is a 32-bit application that runs just fine on Windows 10, as with most other 32-bit apps. If you're aware of any "nasty difficulties" please do file a bug report.

    The only known issue on Windows 10 has to do with the InstallShield installer, during the un-install phase.

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