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Discussion in 'Amateur Radio Equipment Reviews' started by K3HVG, Apr 29, 2003.

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  1. K3HVG

    K3HVG Ham Member QRZ Page

    The ever-blinking E-Z hang pop-up has prompted me to add a few words about this product.  I've had mine about a year, now, and it does do the job.  I've tried the crescent wrench and parachute cord heave, the bow and arrow, and paying a tree-service climber.  I bought my E-Z hang directly at the Manassas Hamfest (VA) last summer and have installed 4, wire type antennas aloft using it.  I think what one needs to know is that its necessary to buy, and maintain, an extra bag of weights and swivels... you'll need them!! Certainly, until you're proficient with a) tying fishing knots  b) accurately predicting ballistic trajectories and c) judging heights, you WILL deposit a given number of these items either downrange or somewhere aloft in the foliage.  Even then, you'll still lose them on occasion.  Once you have acheived the ability to get the ordnance on target, you can proceed with your installation, in earnest.  The weights provided with the E-Z hang are probably the best choice; weight vs. drop ability.  By that, I mean the weight is sufficient to pull the initial fishing line up, over, and down through a modicum of branches and leaves yet light enough to get it up to a good height (and not kill someone or something on the way down&#33[​IMG].  I suppose one should put up antennas when the trees are not in bloom, but I tend to do this work in warmer times of the year.  The E-Z hang method of shooting a light line up and then dragging through a stronger antenna pull-line is just like setting up a refueling-at-sea.  Both these lines are provided in the kit.  The second, heavier line is used to back-haul your antenna's pigtail or whatever.  Of all the mentioned methods, the E-Z hang is the only thing that has always allowed me to, reliably and cheaply, get some decent altitude for my wire antennas.  I've loaned it to a few friends (they buy thier own weights&#33[​IMG] and they, too, have had good success.  The E-Z hang is like a lot of specialized tools, though,  YOU have to learn how to use it, first.   de K3HVG
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