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Discussion in 'The DX Zone' started by KB2FCV, May 27, 2012.

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  1. KB2FCV

    KB2FCV Ham Member QRZ Page

    Well I finally got off my rear end and decided to start getting things together for DXCC. I'm probably over 260 worked, 250 confirmed on paper QSL's, but I have never ever applied. I decided to try the LoTW approach first. I manually entered in all my DX QSO's (well at least from the QSL cards) and wound up with about 130 mixed, 100+ for cw. I know I'll get 20m with what I have remaining on paper.

    Here's my question. I saw something during the online LoTW application process about linking your DXCC account. I don't have one yet as this is the first time I've ever applied for anything DXCC. It let me move ahead without linking one.

    So here's my question. I imagine I'll need to sort my remaining cards and get them to a card checker. Should I first wait for the ARRL to do it's thing and get me "in the books" and send me my certificate? Then once I get a cert will I have this DXCC account created so that I can move forward with doing the card checking to get the rest of my QSL's accounted for? I'm a bit confused here...

    Tnx & 73's
  2. WW3QB

    WW3QB Ham Member QRZ Page

    It should take about a week to process your LoTW application. You will see when done in your LoTW account (check it daily). You do not have to wait for the certificate, which will take a few weeks, to submit your cards. They hybrid type of application is gone.
  3. K7MH

    K7MH Ham Member QRZ Page

    I did some homework a while ago you may want to read;


    The easiest approach however is to go ahead and submit all the LOTW stuff and then any cards you have after that.
    If you have it all squared away, you can submit the LOTW stuff and take the cards to a checker on the same day. You don't have to wait for anything.
    They just give you stickers to put on the certificate after the first 100 to reflect your totals.
  4. KB2FCV

    KB2FCV Ham Member QRZ Page

    Yay! My Mixed and CW DXCC Certificates came today. Big suckers... 11X14! Had to take the longer drive to target to find larger frames but they are up on the wall!

    I'm in the process of sorting my cards that didn't confirm in LOTW. I have them sorted by Band, and the Mode within each band, and lastly the multiple QSO cards. Do I then need to sort each of those individual piles by entity?

    I plan on going to a card checker. I originally thought I had to print out and hand write all my QSO's on the sheets, but I see some sort of online application where you enter the QSL's, but you still need to have a card checker check the cards. So far I think I understand this online process.. I sort the cards, I enter them into the DXCC site. I print out the application and bring it to the card checker with my cards... is that how it goes?

    Thanks & 73,
    James KB2FCV
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2012
  5. WS2L

    WS2L Guest

    With that many cards to mail to Newington I would try to get as many processed via LoTW and if your within reasonable driving distance make a day of it and take the remainders with you. I remember that I drove to Newington with 105 cards, it's not that I don't trust the US Mail but with all the work I did to get those cards I didn't want to take any chances on sending them through the mail. All of my endorsements I also drove up there with them, not because I don't trust the mail but some of my ham friends who never went to ARRL I figured perfect opportunity. My last confirmations for endorsements I did using LoTW. Right now I stand at unconfirmed countries worked and 196 confirmed. When I went to add my contacts to my electronic logbook I did not have all of my logbooks and stations worked in contests. Right now I am in the process of confirming or entering contacts that I had from those lost logs since I know that all of those contacts were good being I confirmed them with the log's prior to losing the logs. I have boxes full of cards so this should prove to be interesting.
  6. N2RJ

    N2RJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    You enter the QSOs online (any order is fine), then pay ARRL via credit card in the same online app. Once your payment goes through (instantly) you print out your app and take it to a card checker along with your cards. They need to be in the order that they are on the sheet, which is the order you entered them in.

    Make sure you carry an envelope with postage (45c or forever stamp) because the card checker needs to mail in the app, not you.

    What will happen is that the card checker will check your cards, sign the app (you should sign it too) and then submit the paperwork to the DXCC desk. You keep your cards when he's done and he sends in the paperwork.

    Make sure you tell the card checker you did the online DXCC... since they won't have to collect payment or anything like that.
  7. WA6MHZ

    WA6MHZ Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    It is far better to get them checked by a local Card Checker than to send them into Newington.
    In fact, I am one of those and am going to check some cards tomorrow at the Chino Hills swapmeet. I check lotsa cards. That way, U take home the cards safely and the application gets mailed into Newington GREATLY STREAMLINING the job! Find a Checker!
  8. N2RJ

    N2RJ Ham Member QRZ Page

  9. NN3W

    NN3W Ham Member QRZ Page

    Find a decent sized regional hamfest that has DXCC card checking and take them there - similar to what MHZ suggests. I HATE the idea of mailing cards.
  10. KB2FCV

    KB2FCV Ham Member QRZ Page

    I did just that today. I submitted my online application a night or so ago, paid online, printed everything up and brought it to the card checker. I only had one QSL kicked back because it wasn't in the list (I must have thought I submitted it but didn't). The application is on its way! Thanks everyone for the replies.
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