DX Web Sites, Good or Bad?

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by Guest, Dec 13, 2001.

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  1. KS4YT

    KS4YT Ham Member QRZ Page

    There are other sites that will have DX reported by people in your own area...you can probably find some of these sites by going to AC6V's page, which has a ton of links on it.

    I used to hear a lot of complaints about the international DX clusters that are so popular (like the one from Finland). I've found, however, that many times the spots would give me a sense for what was coming my way. I've also discovered that many stations you wouldn't think you'd hear might actually be audible from your location (an example: an Italian spotted Maldives at 4:30 AM local time for Alabama...and I could actually hear him without a huge stateside pileup to have to contend with...during the low of the sunspot cycle, by the way). I think the key here is to get a feeling for propagation. I'd also reiterate what someone else said...DON'T call the station being spotted unless you actually hear him/her.

    When I first started DXing I often found that I could find a new country merely be tuning around the bands, and often heard the DX long before it was spotted. Now that I'm past 320, however, I find that the cluster helps me hone in on those stations I need that I'll only get because of DXpeditions. This doesn't mean I only get on the radio for "new ones", but it sure does help me know how to maximize my time on the radio when a new one is on the air.
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I disagree. The TITLE of the article is about DX websites. But if you read your own writing, you'll see that the words "I", "me", or "my" show up a LOT more often than any reference to the DX website.

    Speaking as a magazine editor, I would say that the actual topic of the article was "K2WH's impressions of DX in the era of websites". The DX Website was the third most important topic in the article.

    Bzzzt. You lose, due to inability to keep your own initial posting on the topic you intended.

    Hey, you're the one who posted the article with the ridiculous implication that you didn't even TRY to call the DX station barefoot. If it wasn't part of the focus of the article, why bring it up? Oh, you didn't know you were sidetracking us...oh, yes, I guess I could see that...

    You're funny, I like you.
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    How about a new one?

    Not complaining, I like em'. Like to see a new one is all

  4. K8DD

    K8DD Ham Member

    DX Clusters .... 2M spotting nets .... DX bulletins .... Phone calls in the middle of the night .... All forms of "spotting" that have been around for a long time. In any event, someone had to put out the original spots .... someone had to be on the bands listening. The fish are in the barrel for you to shoot (grab the spot) or you can "cast" and find your own fish. Something for everyone. Great hobby, isn't it!?!!? Hank K8DD k8dd@arrl.net
  5. K2VDH

    K2VDH Ham Member QRZ Page

    These clusters take the good fun out of DX ing
    everyone knows where the DX is WHY the enjoyment
    is to just look for DX thats all I do!
    I have worked some rare DX this way also!
    Throw the clusters away!
    Clusters are unfair method of getting DXCC
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